Daily Archives: October 21, 2012


Update on me.  A little raw, if I am honest.  Not on my own account, tho.  D is back in hospital, and is likely to lose a toe to the poor circulation resulting from her diabetes.  She is feeling pretty isolated and vulnerable as the place where she is at present is too far for Mum and Dad to travel, and the staff are a bit distant and apparently less competent than a person would want with their health at stake.

In other news, I have put my heart and soul into a friendship with someone who is struggling really badly at the moment.  I am SO blessed to have my lovely husband, T & E, to lay my hurts and fears on when it all gets too much.  I also have a fabulous family and people like you guys to rely upon.   However, my friend – who has become like a brother to me – has no such joy.  His pain hurts me, if that makes any sense, and touches on things in my past that I need to draw on in order to help him, but cause me to feel pretty exposed as a result.

So, there you have it.  My life, as in my own personal circumstances, is good.  Some of those I care deeply for, not so much.  Leaves me with a peculiar ache in the corner of my soul, whilst the rest of me is laughing.  C’est la vie.

Hope all is well with you lot. 🙂