Monthly Archives: August 2012

News about me…

I am aware that my previous post about myself (rather than my knitter friend) was when I was in the middle of lots of stuff.  Just thought I would update people on developments since that time:

(a) D remains unwell, it is an ongoing situation in need of much prayer.  I was able to visit my folks a few months ago and lend my support for a while, so feel a little less guilty as a result.

(b)  As those of you who know me on FB are aware, I have a new job.  Three days per week in Cardiff, leaving me the rest of the week free to focus on (c) below.

(c) The allotment project is growing (no pun intended) and the Social Enterprise aspect is looking far more like a reality than an unattainable dream.  More on that in due course on the ‘Plot’ wiblog.

(d)  New job means that I am able to continue with writing course (WooHoo!).  I even managed to submit my work for the module that suffered from being concurrent with job-related difficulties.  It is amazing what a bit of writing and reading on a train commute can achieve!

(e)  Guilt still remains an issue for me, but I at least recognise it for what it is these days.  A really poor motivator, for a start! I had a discussion with a friend yesterday about this (non-Christian, as it happened) and was able to explore the theme even further.  I am very glad of grace and forgiveness; offered by God, by friends & family and – finally, incrementally, gradually – by myself to myself.  It is good to be able to shrug off the burden of unrealistic expectations and enjoy the ride.  Does not always work,  I need to be vigilant about my motivations and spot when I am being hard on myself, but it is a step in the right direction.

So, people, thanks for all your prayers and support.  As you can see, things are looking up. 🙂

More on the knitting bloke

I don’t know how many of you remember the link I put in this blog a while back, directing you to a lovely chap in America who was homeless and knits as a way of making ends meet.  Well, he has had to put his needles down for a while, due to pain issues, and wants to be able to concentrate on writing a book of his experiences.  He has set up a crowd funding page to help him bridge the funding gap as he does so:

Go take a look and support him if you feel so led.  Cheers and God bless.