Monthly Archives: February 2012


So, D currently not in hospital – which is good.  Planning to go away together to Jersey with her in May – her 40th birthday treat for me.  Trusting her health will continue to stabilise and that this will happen.


Unexpected termination of contract at work due to funding issues, going til the end of March at the latest.  Job hunting and also looking into the option of starting up a Social Enterprise.  Interesting times…


Keeping my hand in with the whole creative writing thing, it is an interesting hobby at the very least.


Work on the allotment continues.


Husband and self moved chapels, and are now back with his ‘home’ church, which we moved from when we bought our house further up the valley.  Was right to put down roots nearer to where we live, but we have felt called ‘home’ recently, and it is gooooood to be back. 🙂


That is enough to keep us going for now, amongst all the other usual stuff.  How are you…?