Daily Archives: December 20, 2011

I cannot say

I heard earlier today of the tragic death of a wonderful young man.  It put me in mind of another terrible loss some years ago.  These lines are for Rich Taylor and Mike Blakey – also for anyone of you who is grieving at this time.


I cannot say


He took you so early.

You were so full of life.


I cannot say


He took you so early

With so much left to do.


Why do the good ones

Get pulled from this Earth

When their presence here makes it better?

Why do the bright ones

Burn fast and burn out

Leaving us wondering, wondering, wondering




I cannot say why

The radiant ones die

So young

So strong

With so much yet to give

So long left to live


But this I do know

Will know

And will show



Will not waste a day

As I walk on my way

Remembering you

As you would have us do


And to live

Each day to the full

Never knowing when

Or why

It may be

Our turn

My turn

To die.