Monthly Archives: October 2011

Den home!

As of the beginning of this week, my sis is back in her flat. We were on the phone to each other for over an hour last night, and she was talking about all the people that are supporting her (both professional and some friends/neighbours) and the day to day challenges she faces.

At present, she seems pretty determined to get a grip on things and be as independent as possible. For someone who has been brought so low by health failure after health failure, I can’t help admiring her strength at this point.

I would still love her to have the sustaining faith that I know, but I guess there is still time for that one. For now, people, thanks for the prayers. Please keep ’em coming, there is still a long road ahead.

God bless!


Posting a blog just cos.

Den should be out of hosp today, but have heard no news. This is a mixed blessing, as I am not sure that the help she should have in place is actually in place. Ah well.

Mum and Dad coping with the kitchen being re-done at thiers whilst trying to ensure flat is habitable for Den. Too much work for them really.

Due to visit again at the end of Nov. Will go with Dad to see Bill Bailey (hugely funny man!), wish Mum a Happy Birthday and celebrate (is that really the right word) turning 40.

Nov promises to be a bit crazy. Will be doing the Parry-type celebrations around my actual birthday here in P’pool, as well as going to see Bill Bailey (for the first of my double Bill’s – long story) with Jeff. I then plan to enjoy the company of many fab people in Swansea the following w’end. It then becomes the Dorset w’end.

Husband and I were indolent lumps this week-end just gone and I have had a duvet day due to lurgy today. Many people seem to want to meet me for coffee (and I wish to meet them too) and I plan to go to Cheltenham to see other friends next week-end.

I was internally lamenting that life had got a bit sedentary recently, now it is all fun and frolics (as well as making time to work!). I think I may need to hibernate for December…