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1)  Den still in hospital.  People need to get their backsides in gear to get her the support she needs.  Mum and Dad CANNOT take her to their home, it is just not practical, this has not stopped the medics from trying tho.  Keep adding more prayer power please.  Ta.

2)  Job continues to go well, just need to get the hang of leaving myself plenty of wiggle room in order to arrive at meetings etc in time.

3)  Husband and self took time out in Tenby this last weekend.  Was good rest for us both, much needed.

Think that is about all for now.  Take care and God bless, lovely WibFolk, and thanks for all your prayers and encouragement!


Miracle needed

Just got off phone to Dad. Things extremely bad with D. Please turn up the prayer power, I am getting close to thinking it is the ONLY way she is going to get thru this. My sis has no faith of her own, that I know of, but that did not stop Jesus healing the man lowered by his friends thru the roof.

Please join me in holding her before our Lord. Thanks.

Week-end matters

Friday – drove to Dorset. Saw family and made plans with Den to go to lunch on Sat, if she felt able. Heard that she’d had a diagnosis of an overactive thyroid earlier in the day and this explained a number of her symptoms.

Saturday – did have lunch with Den, but sat beside her on her sick bed! Her vomiting got worse throughout the day, with a hospital admission via ambulance by around 9pm in the evening (Dad says this happens approx 3 times per year, and it is only one month since the last time!!!)

Sunday – Drove home and relaxed with my Husband for a few hours.

Don’t think I am really ready for this week…Lord, give me strength.

Answered prayer

There is something about asking for prayer, and seeing results, that is kinda fulfilling. Here are a couple of recent incidents:

1) Do you remember Greg, the homeless guy with the cat whose blog I linked to? He now has a home! Drop in on his blog again and see the good news.

2) Do you remember my asking that you pray for me to be able to connect to a fellowship locally? Well, I was able to take some TOIL off work to make it to a regular prayer event that takes place each month. Whilst there, I shared many of my concerns and prayed with three lovely ladies who (just so happened) are members of the little chapel Jeff and I attend.

Okay, so I know that there are still many things that are not resolved, but it is good to acknowledge the good when it comes. Praise God and all that!!!

For my friend

I have a friend.

She is as tender as she is beautiful, as kind as she is delicate.

She exists in a world that can be harsh and hard.

Her fragility is often bruised, broken and crushed.

She can take a long time to recover from things that others would find incidental.

I love to spend time with this friend.

To sit in the corner that she brightens with her presence

And perhaps to share my strength with her a while.

If you have such a friend

Do not despise them as a hothouse flower

Or expect them to be other than they are

Such people may wilt easily under your gaze

But equally will be refreshed by the smallest of kindnesses.

Take time

Stop a while

Really listen.

My friend weaves words of delicate wisdom

Of spider-web strength.

Seemingly insubstantial

But immensely powerful.

As the seasons change, she waxes and wanes.

But no matter how harsh the winter

Come the spring, you will see her

Resplendent again.

My friend

Privilege and blessing

Privilege and blessing are not words that tend to occur naturally in my reflections on my life, but they have become very apparent to me recently.  I think it may be due to a change of perspective, or perhaps seeing things more clearly than I have for a while (or indeed ever).  Whatever the case, here are a couple of things  I have realised over the course of the last few days:

1)  The job that I do with the colleagues I have is an immense privilege.  I get to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves in an organisation where cynicism is the exception rather than the rule.  I do not have to ‘play the game’ and bow in any real  degree to outside pressures and agencies.  I get to truly be on the side of the marginalised, to help them say the things they would not otherwise get to say.  I have known for a while what lights my fire and stirs up my passion, I just did not know it had a name.  I am Dith, and I am Advocate! 🙂

It took me many years to find my own voice, and now I need to get out of the way so that others can find theirs.  An advocate is almost like an avatar; what I am and what I want and feel are pretty much immaterial, but the talents and strengths I possess can be loaned to people who do not yet know that their needs and desires are valid and deserve a hearing.  I have a roar in my soul and I want it to be heard.  Get off of the small people, stop treading on them, treat them with dignity, treat them with respect, for they are PEOPLE!!!  We all have the image of God somewhere in our being, no matter how marred, broken or obscured.  When anybody devalues another, that is an offence.

I do not fully understand this energy that is coming from somewhere deep within (or beyond) myself, I am not sure if it is here to stay or whether it is passing through, but I know that I like it.

2)   The friends that I possess are an incredible blessing.   This last few days I have been away from home and reconnected with some very dear friends.  Some excellent people of long standing love and loyalty.  I have had the privilege (there’s that word again) of sharing the sorrows of some and the joys of others.  My emotions have been close to the surface recently, which means I have been grieved and angry at the seeming injustice and pointlessness of some of the things that my friends and family have had to endure and, in fact, are still enduring.  However, I have also been capable of rejoicing with people more freely too.

Again, this is something I do not understand.  I do not know why I am feeling so enriched by drawing the trials and joys of those dear to me deeper into my soul.  I have not actively sought this, but I welcome it.

In returning from my few days away, this refreshment has not abated.  I look at all of my life with more clarity and contentment.  I am more deeply grateful to God for that which I possess than I think I have ever been before.  I am privileged to have a husband who I love and who I KNOW loves me.  I am blessed with a secure home and a life rich in wonderful people and experiences.  By this, I do not mean that I jet off to foreign climes and have vast and intriguing adventures with unique and eccentric beings.  Better than that, I am finding the value, the depth, the worth of the daily routines and rhythms that make up my life.

I breathe in privilege

I breathe out blessing

and it is well

it is well

with my soul.


(I believe the key to all of this is that, for the first time ever, I am actually able to accept that I am – in fact – loved! Praise the Lord! ;))