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Another excellent person to pray for, please.

Hey folks.  Just dropping by to let you know about an excellent bloke who could do with some encouragement.  Take a look at my blogroll and see there is yet another new link.  This one is to the blog of Greg; he and his little kitty are homeless and keeping their heads above water by means of Greg’s emergent business – mostly knitting bears at present.

I first heard about Greg via Love Bomb (who, you may remember, were responsible for a shed load of comments on Burnt Sienna’s blog not so long ago).  I could not help but pay his blog a visit and send him an encouraging comment.  If you take a tour of his space yourself, I am sure you will see why.

As a final note, you will see that Greg is knitting many bears as a means of raising revenue as part of his Bear-a-Thon.  Not only that, but he is giving some away to those in need of some cheering up.  I suggested my sis, and he accepted.  What an utterly fabulous bloke!!!

Go see him, send him a hug, buy a bear, donate some cash, say a prayer – something, anything.  I promise it will make your day…

…go on then, what are you still doing here? 😛

My Dad’s broad shoulders are not always wide enough…so I lean on my Heavenly Father.

My sister is now out of hospital and with my parents again.  Was good to see them last week-end, but frustrating to witness how disconnected the medical profession can be.  D was due out on the Thurs, but was unwell at time of discharge so kept in.  One of her allocated Dr’s came to see her on the Friday and said that there was no way she would be out over the week-end, they needed time to ensure she really was ready, and that things would be reviewed on Monday.  Talk was had of the option of a graduated discharge via a community hospital and/or the provision of sufficient medical care once she was with my parents.  All good – until the Dr on Saturday told her she could go home!!!

This put Dad in the unenviable position of saying ‘no’ for the good of all concerned.  D was finally discharged to my parents’ place on Monday but, guess what, no community medical support is currently in place!!!  For goodness sake, people, why is this so HARD?

(deep breath)

Dad has also been running back and fore to my sister’s flat over the last few days, and my Uncle has accompanied him on occasion.  The reason – a flooded floor!  Somehow, without D being present for the past couple of months, a dripping tap has managed to fill the wash basin to overflowing and flood the flat to the extent that water ended up going through to the flat below.  Needless to say, this has done nothing to make life any easier for my nearest and dearest.

All in all, they still stand very much in need of your thoughts and prayers.  I know that my visit did something to ease the load for a while, but they are dealing with all this on a daily basis.  I am determined to do the best I can for them, but life does not always permit the time and the energy I would like to devote and, of course, it is often not possible to do anything to change matters in any real sense.  It is finding a balance between acceptance of one’s limits, trust in the existence of a bigger picture and the very strong (if unrealistic) desire to get in there and fix things.

If you have the answer, please let me know!  ‘Til then, I’ll carry on with my best fit solution and trust the rest to One greater than myself.  Trust….now that is a challenge…. 😉


Mixed blessings

Had my first day in the new job today.  They seem like a good team of genuine people, so that is really positive.  I am looking forward to getting to grips with an actual caseload, but have to get thru the induction first.  So far, so good, and the travelling is okay at the moment, probably due in no small part to it being school hols.

Dad called tonight to say that he and Mum will not be coming on their little planned holiday to this part of the world.  This is a shame for a number of reasons, not least the fact that this decision was prompted by the fact that they do not feel able to leave Den at present.  She really is not doing well at all – most of the feedback from the various medics being of the ‘wait and see’ variety.  It also means that my parents are not getting to have the break that they were both looking forward to and, in a roundabout way, has led to the cancellation of Dith Fest.

I had planned for the presence of the Allen and the Parry contingent being in one place at one time to be a big part of this celebration (it has never happened before, not even at our wedding due to Mum’s ill health at the time).  Now, however, this is no longer possible and I have decided that my priority is to go and see my folks, if only for a long weekend.  My aunt has agreed to put me up, which will relieve this pressure on the parents.  It is not without regret I have made the decision to cancel ‘Dith Fest’, and apologies go out to you all, most especially the Nephews, who I know were looking forward to a picnic in the park.  Sorry people, I hope to make it up to you somehow.

Anyhoo, there we go.  Another piece of  good news is that Husband and myself will be getting to stay overnight in London this coming weekend, which is something to look forward to.

Please keep those prayers coming.  Thanks.