Thanks and another prayer request

Firstly, thanks to those of you who followed the link on my previous post.  I let Millie’s mum know I had linked her, and she noticed that a number of people had come to her blog from here.  Well done people!

Also, another prayer request for those of you who are so inclined.  This time it my sister, Denise, who is in need.  She has been suffering from the effects of long term diabetes for a while now.  Her eyesight is suffering, as are her feet and digestive system.  The most recent problems have been her kidneys and blood pressure.  The former have been found to be functioning at only about 20 percent efficiency and the latter is so low that she was admitted to hospital as an inpatient yesterday (the kidney issue also being a big reason for this admission).

I was on the phone to Dad earlier tonight.  It is hard for him as Mum needs his support too, since she has not been entirely well since her stroke in 2005.  My father is the kind of person who likes to fix things, which is totally understandable, but this kind of situation just leaves him feeling utterly helpless.  Mum is able to be more pragmatic these days, but I feel that this may actually increase Dad’s sense of being alone in dealing with the issues of failing health in those he cares about.

I must admit to feeling helpless too.  I am approx 200 miles away from my folks and even if I were to have the time and freedom to shoot down to Dorset, I know that I would only be in the way.  My Dad was too kind to say this in so many words, but we both knew what we meant!

So please, dear friends, add my family to your prayers.  Thanks

P.S.  I have a medical assessment for my new job on Thursday at 9.30am.  I know it is probably only routine but I tend to be twitchy about being asked about my medical history.  If you could add this to your list of prayers too, I would be very grateful.  Ta! 🙂

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