Monthly Archives: June 2011

I can tell you now…

…that I’ve got a new job!  (There is a little dance that goes with this, I’ll show you if you ask REALLY nicely!)

I have known since last Wednesday but, due to the fact that I have not been able to hand my notice in until today, I was not really able to post anything about it.

I will be working for an organisation called Advocacy Matters, who work primarily with people with learning disabilities.  They are based in Cardiff and I will be doing more hours per week with them than at present.  My full title is to be Independent Casework Advocate which, simply put, means speaking up for those who cannot speak up for themselves (pretty much final verse of Proverbs Ch 30, if my memory serves me well enough).

It was one of those odd things, going for this job.  I have been ‘fidgety’ in my current role for quite some time.  There was much that was making it a less and less feasible role for me, yet much about it that I still enjoyed.  I was idly leafing through a copy of the Big Issue the other week, and an ad for this job caught my eye.  Friends of mine, who I do not see that often, encouraged me to go for it and I also had an unusual amount of time available to put together the application form.  I was surprised to be offered an interview, as neither the client group or the role itself are specialist areas of mine, and utterly gobsmacked to be offered the job!  Was very happy to accept, tho, and am due to start work with them on 1st Aug.

Have had mixed feelings today, however, tho this does not mean that I regret my decision.  It is the knowledge that I will be leaving behind some very familiar people, some of whom have already told me that I will be missed when I leave.  Why is it that you feel under-appreciated when you do a job, day in and day out, and only really get a sense of how valued you were when it is time to move on?  (I don’t really expect an answer to that, as I know it is just a factor of human nature!) I was resigned (no pun intended) to the idea of the clients in particular not being too bothered at exchanging one part of the ‘staff machine’ for another one, especially as I have felt like a verbal punch-bag for their frustrations recently.  I wanted the affirmation of knowing that I have made a difference (I’m only human, after all!) but did not really anticipate it.  This made being told that I would be missed a very bitter-sweet thing indeed.

Staff also did the ‘We will miss you, but good luck’ response.  I have been walking around today musing “Oh, I will be sort of sorry to go” interspersed with moments of “Hah, will not have to deal with THIS nonsense any more” when one of the numerous reasons I have felt it necessary to move on has reared its head. It is very odd indeed, I have not spent sufficient time in one job to experience it before now.

Nevertheless, it is time to leave.  There is a new challenge waiting for me which will no doubt have its own share of joys and sorrows.  I am convinced that it is the right thing to do at this stage, despite the feelings that changes like this inevitably bring.  I just need to navigate this transitory phase without being too insufferably demob happy and move into my new role with professionalism, confidence and assurance.  Simple….right? 🙂