Daily Archives: May 27, 2011

Mush head

Today I have a bit of a mush head.  Anyone who has experienced it will know what I mean.  Things are a little fogged and it is not as easy to think straight as I would like.  Feels like I need a good cold breeze to blow through and disperse the cobwebs.  Gah!

Today sees me attempt to get my mush head around an end of funding report for the allotment project (see plot blog for details).  As you can tell, I am not procrastinating AT ALL! 😉  I’ll be honest, I am beginning to feel a bit worn down by the attitude of some people at the plot.  There is nothing major, just the constant drip of minor criticism.  I know that things are not up to the standards of some people, but I do the best I can with what I have.  Please pray that I will stay gracious and civil when the next person tells me I am doing it wrong…and the one after that!  Cheers.

My sister was in hospital recently with complications re: her diabetes.  Poor soul went to Egypt for a holiday (something she has been looking forward to for a while), but injured her foot and did not feel it.  It then became infected and she spent most of her time practically immobile and being tended to by the site doctor.  When she came back, our local GP put her on strong antibiotics that made her sick – resulting in a hospital admission.  Not good.  Thankfully she is out of hospital now, and back home.

Work has been messy too recently.  One of my close colleagues has been off with stress and we are understaffed at the best of times.  Add to that the nature of the problems people bring us and the sheer volume of them, it is no surprise I have a mush head.  In fact, I am on leave for the next couple of weeks.  I booked this really quickly and thankfully the boss could see I needed it.  I feel like a bit of a cow, though, because I have not told my parents or sister that I am not working.  I know that they would wonder why I am not using at least some of the time to visit them in Dorset, especially as they are all going through the mill at the moment.  I’ll be perfectly honest, though, I just need time for myself and not to have to carry other people for a while.  I know that sounds selfish and I feel guilty for saying it, but that is how it is.

Thankfully, I will be meeting with friends in Cardiff tomorrow.  They are two lovely pals from my Swansea days, who are also now exiles from that part of South Wales.  We plan to get together just before lunch and spend some quality friend time together.  There is nothing quite like meeting with people you have known for years and with whom you just don’t have to try too hard!  Jeff and I are also going to be able to spend some time together over the Bank Holiday and he has managed to swing a few days off during the next two weeks, so that should be fun too.  Its not all doom and gloom, but sometimes a little like wading through the mire.  Just need some help to keep my head up and my eyes on Jesus at times.  Thanks for reading, guys. 🙂