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Blog post (Paraphrase)

Grumbly whinge moan.





Some sympathy….please?

(Yes, pitiful I know.  My head is a bit in the shed about one or two things.  Do not want to rant here, really, as I don’t think it would be particularly edifying.  Would just like to connect with people in some way, and for them to tell me that they care.  That’s all.)

Pathetic comment-fishing exercise over now….

A new twist on an old favourite

I was making  chocolate flavoured ‘whzzzzzzz’ for pudding tonight, which is what instant whip dessert is called in our house (due to the noise made by the electric whisk, and used to name the dessert when I could not think of the words ‘instant whip’).  As usual, a little of it spilled over the edge of the container as I was making it and, as usual, I had to wipe it off the surface with my finger and dispose of it appropriately – in my mouth.  This time, however, it had a kind of chewy texture to it and a savoury salty taste, which was puzzling.  I wondered what else had escaped unnoticed from previous food preparation efforts?

The penny dropped when I recalled that we had purchased our dinner from the chippy this evening…

…I had just consumed a chocolate chip!

This week-end

I wrote and delivered a sermon.  I did not plan to, at least initially, but I did so.  It was my first ever sermon.  It appeared to go well.

I went to a 40th birthday party.  I did plan to, and I did so.  I ate some lovely food and spent time in good company.  It went well.

I went to a 10th birthday party.  I did plan to, and I did so.  I ate some lovely food, spent some time in good company and went bowling.  I did not utterly suck at bowling, which makes a change.  It went well.

I wrote a blog entry, despite being tired.  I went to bed.

How do you eat an elephant?

I always used to enjoy the satisfaction of watching the mileometer on my Dad’s car turning from a untidy looking number to one with many noughts.  New Year feels a bit like that; fresh and unspoiled.  Yet I soon realise that today is a day just like any other!  That is not meant to sound defeatist and cynical, I just see it as a matter of fact.  I hope that my resolve to live each day as best I can, by God’s grace, and to have my failures in this forgiven by that same grace is good enough, whatever the date.

The question in the title was posed by one of my Depression Management group members, as an illustration of not trying to do too much at one time.  The answer is ‘A bit at a time.’  In my opinion, resolutions made at the coldest, darkest part of the year are almost doomed to failure, unless you are one of those unusually iron-willed creatures (which I am most certainly not!)  Winter, to me, is a time of conserving resources and survival, on a number of levels, and I do not plan to fight my biology on that one.   Wake me up with the crocus, I am more likely to be able to make a start on the bulk of my elephant by that time.

That said, Happy New Year to you all and may all your elephants be palatable! 🙂