Monthly Archives: December 2010

The Pre-40 List – part the first

1.  Go sledging Рhaving spent so much of my life living in snow-free regions, I have NEVER sledged.  This needs rectification!

2.  Do a charity parachute jump Рsomething I have wanted to do for years.  Only recently have I come across a charity I would like to support with a jump and also where the vast majority of the money raised does not appear to pay for the training and jump itself.  Husband has even said he will join me in this venture

3. ¬†Look into the sky until a crowd joins me in order to see what I am looking at, then walk away – just because! ¬†Anyone want to help with this one? I think it ¬†may me more effective if I have company. ūüôā

Needing a dose of my own medicine – Updated

There is a type of behaviour exhibited by many people with depression. ¬†Such people will let ongoing irritations ‘just go’. ¬†They will not be readily willing, or even feel able, to assert their own needs and rights in certain situations. ¬†The irritations can then build into unexpressed frustration that, if left unaddressed, will explode in one unholy mess – often in the vicinity of the original irritant.

I REALLY need to have a sane and reasonable chat with someone*, or I swear I am going to BLOW!!!

*Don’t worry, it is not you or even anyone you know. ūüėČ

Update: I had the necessary reasonable chat.  I felt vulnerable and a little foolish, but it cleared the air.  Just hoping and praying that this makes a long term difference!