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Humour, nostalgia and good friends

Have just watched ‘Fry and Laurie Reunited’, recorded for me on Sky by my lovely hubby (who knows that I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for Mr Fry). ¬†It made me laugh, loudly – which I expected. ¬†It made my feel a bit silly over Hugh Laurie – which I expected. ¬†It also moved me – which I didn’t expect.

There is something beautiful about a friendship of 30 years between two very different people, a friendship which appears as strong as it ever was. ¬†I admired the respect and deep affection they obviously still have for each other, as well as the way they make one another laugh even to this day. ¬†I found the depth of bond between them and the evident pleasure in being in each others’company utterly wonderful.

Perhaps if they were not both ‘national treasures’ and if I was not attracted to Hugh Laurie, I would have been less affected by witnessing such friendship. ¬†If this were the case, I hope that I would not be much less moved. ¬†Seeing this made me grateful for the people in my life, most especially my friends. ¬†I am not (yet) old enough to have friends of 30 years duration (okay, perhaps one or two!) but I do have some very dear people in my life who have been around for approximately 20 years. ¬†Not only that, I am blessed by those who I have not known for as long, or in such depth, but where I know there to be a very strong and meaningful bond. ¬†Yes, WibFolk, many of you feature in this category!

I was thinking back to my time at uni earlier today (thinking earlier today, not at uni earlier today – I wish!!!). ¬†A particular person was on my mind and I reflected upon something of our friendship – oh, okay okay, he was the first person I ever loved – alright. ¬†Anyway, as a very insecure person back then, I ran from that relationship. ¬†Part of me has always regretted that a little, wondering how things would have unfolded if I had not been so sure that this person cared less about me than I did him. ¬†Today, I laid those regrets firmly to rest. ¬†The reason for this is that I am finally able to thank the Lord for the youthful ‘romance’ (can’t think of a better word, sorry) and see it for what it was – a point in time to be looked back on with joy. ¬†I think that part of me still believed, until very recently, that this bloke was out of my league and that he had a lucky escape when I bolted. ¬†I now recognise, albeit shakily, that he may have enjoyed what we shared, too. ¬†That he may be glad of having had that moment of ‘Ooh, you’re lovely and you think I am too’ as much as I am. ¬†This makes me smile.

I am no more or less content in the life I have now, no scratch that, I am more content.  The slight niggle in the corner of my heart has been laid to rest.  In its place is a feeling akin to a cat, curled up and purring.  I am now glad of what was, am okay with how it went, and know in a deeper way than ever that where I am now is where I am meant to be.

That is good, people, that is very good. ūüėÄ

Approx one week ago…

… I turned 39. ¬†However, I was not able to log on at home and inform you lovely WibFolk of this most momentous news. ¬†I can access t’internet now, tho, so there is the news. ¬†Now all I have to do is complete my list of things to do before I turn 40.

No 1. – Write list.

Footnote:  With apologies to (a) Lanark for the blatant theft of intellectual property and to (b) all WibFolk for the even more blatant appeal for belated birthday greetings.