Thanks to Chas and Ian for the feedback.  Also thanks to Becky, who gave her opinion in person.

Also, I have been told that the last posted appeared a little petulant in print!  It was not meant to, it was meant as an request for honest opinions – even if you think I am on a hiding to nothing and should not ‘give up the day job’!

I am now going to give some thought to the next part of the short story, and see what develops.

Thanks again.

P.S.  To those of you I saw in Swampea yesterday – lovely to touch base!  HUGS!

One thought on “Thanks

  1. I wanted to comment but wasn’t too sure what to say. It’s not really my cup of tea, so I guess this advice is worth what you paid for it (!) but I’m sure there’s a market for it, it’s certainly much better than a lot of Christian poetry I’ve read! Do you draw/illustrate? (or know someone who does?) – poems of this length seem to work well on cards for occasions.

    I think it’s worth putting your toe in the water and seeing what happens if you submit it (and other works) for publication. If it’s not taken up then you’ve not lost anything and have had a learning experience (and also been creative, always a good thing!), and if you do I will be among those cheering you on and basking in the reflected glory 😀

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