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Short story part 2 – an experiment in script form.

Act 1, Scene 3:

Woman enters hairdressers’ shop, which looks as though it has been vandalised.  Waits for a while.

Hairdresser (flustered): Hello.  Sorry to keep you waiting, we have had a bit of an emergency here this morning.

Woman:  Yes, I can see that.  What happened?

Hairdresser: We were broken into in the night and the place was trashed.

Woman:  Oh dear, did they take much?

Hairdresser: No, that is the odd thing really.  They only took the scissors and the styling products.  There was a float in the till and I’d even left my engagement ring by the sinks – none of this was touched.

Woman:  How very strange.  I guess you will not be taking any appointments for a while then?

Hairdresser (with slight laugh): No, it’s hard to cut hair with no scissors.

Woman (Indicating post from which rotating chair has been wrenched):  I don’t fancy sitting there, either.   I’ll come back another time, good luck with your repairs.

Hairdresser: Thanks

Woman exits

Act 1, Scene 4

At Council Office.  Woman, with obviously wild hair by this time, waits in a queue.  Reaches window of teller, who can now barely see from beneath his fringe.  Council Tax transaction carried out during the course of this conversation.

Teller: Hello again.  Good to see you.

Woman:  Can you?  See me, that is.

Teller: Having trouble, if I’m honest.  Tried to get my haircut this week, but the place I usually go had been broken into.

Woman:  Oh yes?  We must use the same place, Hair Today in the High Street.  I tried to make an appointment there this morning.

Teller (surprised): No, I go to Herr Cutts, just up the road from here.  Strange that two local places should be  vandalised in the same week.  I wonder what someone has got against hairdressers?

Woman (smiling):  Being far too well groomed, perhaps?

Teller (grinning): At this rate, I’ll need to cut my own hair.

Woman (completing transaction and exiting):  Me too.

Low, menacing laughter heard from stage as woman exits.   Both woman and teller start slightly at the sound, then resume their tasks.

Is it just me…?

Gem no 1) – Courtesy of Freecycle

“Offered: Wall mounted bedroom cupboard and rubble”

Wall mounted bedroom rubble?  Not sure about that.

Gem no 2) – Courtesy of a recent letter:

“You are invited to attend an appointment in Dr Jeffs, Pain Clinic”

What?!?  Will they shrink me down so as to be injected into this Dr Jeffs, a la ‘Inner Space’ or is he simply a very large, encompassing gent?  The mind boggles.



Thanks to Chas and Ian for the feedback.  Also thanks to Becky, who gave her opinion in person.

Also, I have been told that the last posted appeared a little petulant in print!  It was not meant to, it was meant as an request for honest opinions – even if you think I am on a hiding to nothing and should not ‘give up the day job’!

I am now going to give some thought to the next part of the short story, and see what develops.

Thanks again.

P.S.  To those of you I saw in Swampea yesterday – lovely to touch base!  HUGS!