Daily Archives: August 24, 2010

A pome for you (and a question)

First, the pome:

  • And He said…
  • The wedding guests were gathered
  • But we’d run out of wine
  • A stranger approached us
  • And He said it would be fine
  • He said “Fill the jars with water
  • And serve it to the guests”
  • As we did, it was transformed
  • To wine of the very best.
  • The hungry crowd was gathered
  • We had little food to spare
  • Then Jesus approached us
  • And He said “Give each a share”
  • So we walked amongst the people
  • Not sure how this could be
  • That from a meagre little lunch
  • They were fed abundantly.
  • The waiting world is gathered
  • Looking on expectantly
  • And He says “Go to the people
  • Tell my story, set them free”
  • We’re aware of our shortcomings
  • Of our lack and of our sin
  • But we can rise to each challenge
  • By His life, that dwells within.

Now, the question.

Is this any good?

A friend of mine is encouraging me to write more, with a view to seeking publication.  I enjoy writing, and am happy to put some of my efforts on here (relatively safe place).  However, I am not sure that my scribblings are of sufficient quality (or quantity for that matter) to warrant such encouragement.  I feel that my poems have a kind of ‘Beat Poem’ quality to them – the one above being ‘commissioned’ by a local preacher to be read in one of her services.  On the whole, I guess I am happy with some of my poems, but I am not sure if there would be a wider audience for them.  If so, where would that be found anyway?

My attempt at short stories/prose leave much more to be desired, I think.  For e.g., the opening salvo of my short story on here appeared to fall quite flat.  I was hoping it would hook people to want to know more.  Just out of interest, is anyone curious to know what happens next? I am wondering whether to write the next section in script form, rather than story form.  I sense that my attempts at setting scenes are lacking, I think I may be better at conversation and abstract imagery than at straightforward description.  In my own mind, pictures work best as pictures, I do not seem to have the ability to turn the stuff that is seen with the physical eye into good enough words to do it justice.  Words or concepts come more easily to me, I feel.

Anyway, I said there would be a question.  It appears to have thrown up a number of questions – over to you (please… :))