In praise of random Dads

Thanks to “Surfing” for reminding me of how cool it can be to have a Dad who says the most odd things.

On phone to Dad the other day, discussing the imminent arrival of myself, T&E and the Nephews for our ‘luxury’ hols chez parents’.  The following is a paraphrase of the final part of that conversation:

Dad: I’ve been thinking about what the boys should call us.  I don’t think its right that lads of their age should call people of our generation by their first names.

Me: Okay, what do you have in mind?

Dad: Well, I am their Great Uncle J**** and Mum would be Great Auntie J****, so I was thinking of using the initials.

Me (seeing what is coming): Yeeeess….

Dad: So I would be GAJ … no, that would be Mum… I would be GUJ and Mum would be GAJ.

Me (smiling to self): GUJ and GAJ.  Yes, I reckon the boys would be happy to call you that.  (Thinking: “This is no doubt true, it makes you sound like kids TV characters.  I do not think Mum will like it tho…”)

Dad: Well, have a think about it.   (Aside, evidently to Mum: What?  Stop frowning at me.)

Me (suppressing giggles): Ok, Dad.  See you soon.

Dad: Bye love.

I am convinced that Dad will end up being GUJ, and very happy with it.  Mum, on the other hand, will probably prefer to be called by her given name.  We shall see….

(I love my parents, I really do! :))

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  1. As someone who refused to even call my parents mum or dad, I am highly amused by this too. Everyone else called them by their first names so why not me, their son? I’ve always been different/difficult!

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