Hope deferred

  • She sat upon a cold, wet shore
  • And stared into the leaden sky
  • The clouds hung heavy on her brow
  • As endlessly she questioned why.
  • Why is this darkness all I see?
  • When will there be a time for me?
  • A time when life does not pass by
  • When I will have my wings to fly.
  • For one-by-one and all around
  • Her friends had launched from that same ground
  • Until, at last, into the grey
  • The final one had flown away.
  • Then in the distance, clear and bright,
  • Something glinted in the light,
  • One friend, then two, hove into view.
  • Perhaps they’d help to get her thru!
  • Welcome friends, I’ve been so sad,
  • But now I don’t feel quite as bad.
  • For it is hard when one can’t fly
  • To watch each day crawl slowly by.
  • My gosh, dear one, if you but knew
  • The things these wings have put us through
  • My how they ache from all that work
  • At times it drives us quite berserk!
  • We envy you this cold, damp shore.
  • Please don’t complain, its such a bore.
  • And if you really want to fly
  • My goodness, dear, you have to TRY!
  • Well, can’t sit chatting here all day,
  • We really must be on our way.
  • But when you wish, please do drop by,
  • For it is not that far to fly.
  • She watched until they passed from sight
  • And faced, once more, a long, dark night.
  • From deep within she gave a sigh
  • Dear God, I really want to ¬†fly…

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,

but when the desire is fulfilled, it is a tree of life.

Proverbs 13 v 12

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