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Depression Management

Session 3

The Importance of Support

Time for some more honesty here.  I have stayed away from the Wibsite recently because I am embarrassed.  Deeply embarrassed.  Those of you who read the boards will know that I posted a suggestion about forming a type of wib-support-group.  On reflection, it was a naive and misguided suggestion, and I am embarrassed.

I posted it in the wake of one of the Depression Management sessions I deliver.  Rather pathetically, I ended up feeling envious of the members of the group. They were really looking out for each other, showing understading  and planning to meet up to support one another outside of the sessions.  On one level, that is of course totally fabulous.  It is one of the main things I would hope for as a result of people coming to the group.  Just left me feeling a little sorry for myself, hence the foolish suggestion.

(For the record, since my blog being found by my former boss at work, I am no longer as open as I would like to be here.  My work persona is a little more guarded, out of professional necessity.  However, for fear of work colleagues paying this site a visit, I self censor more than I would if I were confident that only Wibfriends read this.  Such is the price of foolishly using work time to blog!)

Anyway, to the therapeutic point of this post.  In the words of that well known duo of psychotherapists, the Blues Brothers, “Everybody needs somebody.”  I would go so far as to say that some bodies need alot of other bodies.  Other bodies to love and to be loved by.  Other bodies who ‘get it’ without the need for a lengthy explanation.  Other bodies with whom the some body feels utterly comfortable, knowing that they don’t have to try very hard – or even at all.  Other bodies that laugh at the same things (or is that just me?)

In summary, if you are somebody who has somebody, rejoice!  If you are a body who has many other bodies, rejoice!  If you are a body who finds that they lack quality and/or quantity of relationship with their other body or bodies, then invest in relationship!

Well, I’ve learned something here – if only how odd the word ‘body’ can seem if used repeatedly!  Seriously, tho, Dr. Von Dithausen, heal thyself!