Tales of Cats and Rats

Che brought in a small dead rat today – not an unusual event.  He flung it around for a bit, as he does, and then left the room.  No sign of rat.  As I had to take him to the vet this morning (for his booster jab) I quickly bundled him in the cat carrier (mee-oow!  Mee-OOW!!  MEEE-OOOAHH!!!) and took him.  I would have to locate the rat on return.

One appointment later, went to find and dispose of rat.  Che’ s sister, Lemur, was in the room where I had last seen it.  She was sniffing around and taking a particular interest in Husband’s cowboy boots.  These boots were in the region of where the rat has last been seen.  Are you with me so far?

Lifted particularly ‘interesting’ boot.  It rattled.  Oo-er.  Turned it upside down…but a rat did not fall out.

Two rats did!

That could have ended much worse.  Much much worse (heheheheh!)

3 thoughts on “Tales of Cats and Rats

  1. Its stories like this which make me reevaluate my new year plan to adopt a cat…. (I’m really a dog person but working hours prevent dog ownership so I’m *just about* convinced to go to the dark side)

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