Monthly Archives: August 2009

Dying Fly

I was accused by Husband yesterday of having been doing my ‘dying fly act’.  In my defense, after my customary Saturday lie in, I had arisen with the intention of putting the second coat of sage green paint on the bathroom walls.  A quick lunch and relax later (under my sleeping bag on the sofa, aswas feeling a little off colour at the time) I went upstairs to put on my painting clothes.   My subsequent descent of the stairs was a little speedier than intended, however.

Loosing my footing around halfway down led to an inelegant thump followed by a body slide to the bottom (with extra thumps en route).  The cry I emitted was even sufficient to rouse Husband from the sofa in order to express his concern.

Suffice to say, the bathroom walls did not get painted that afternoon.

(Footnote:  The lurgy of Saturday continued into Sunday, and I am now off work for the day.  I am wondering if I have a new strain of flu – Fly Flu, perhaps?)

(Sole of Footnote:  After having seen the kind comments of three people, I am at pains to point out that I do not think I have flu.  It is just a heavy cold, I believe, and an excuse for a bad pun!)