Monthly Archives: July 2009

See Edmund, I have created Purest Green

I took a week off work last week. It was great fun – I spent it redecorating the bathroom!

We moved into this house about 3 years ago. At this time, the sellers had been in the process of making the bathroom presentable. They hadn’t quite finished – which eventually led to the floorless, mouldy and clear-windowed (with ugly blind) state that it was in until very recently.

I spent a whole session cleaning down the bathroom and removing mould from the walls. Cue much coughing and spluttering – due both to a sensitivity to eeeeevil mould-killiing chemicals plus an INTENSE dislike of all things mouldy – aversion therapy anybody? The ugly blinds were also taken down at this point – leading to the invention of temporary window frosting by means of semi-transparent carrier bag. Our neighbours’ door opens practically immediately opposite our bathroom window – clear window glass is NOT a risk we are willing to take!

The next session saw the painting of the walls with anti-condensation paint. Our wedding anniversary was heralded with the arrival of a second tin of the stuff – two coats required, always read the label. (Worry not, dear reader, I also received a lovely bunch of flowers to comemorate OH and self not killing each other for yet another year!)

Having almost fallen out with said Husband re: colour of walls, we settled on a really nice sage green. First coat applied this weekend. I re-discovered the marvels of masking tape during this time – but also that my cutting-in skills at ceiling height are tend to degrade as the time spent painting progresses!

All that remains is the second coat, the application of stick-on frosting to the window and the fitting of the free vinyl flooring to our awkward shaped floor. We also need a nice new shower curtain – having already snapped up a bargain bath mat.

You would think that redecorating  the smallest room in the house would be simple Рthink again.