Monthly Archives: April 2009

Letting life just happen

Hello all.

Thought I would drop in to update you on this, that and the other.  I guess I have been absent recently because I have felt that there is just too much going on in life.  There still is, if I am honest, but I am probably getting better at ignoring it.  The wisdom of this approach remains to be seen.

Something I do know, though, is that sometimes being still and letting God be God is the best way.  Work, of late, has been fraught with issue after issue.  If I am honest, I was considering leaving a job that I love, simply because of the chaos that surrounded it.  I prayed about this, I got the impression that I should just bide my time – tread water and see what happened.  The result is that certain things have been resolved in a way that I would not have thought possible – which just blows me away.

I guess I should transfer this way of thinking to all of my life.  The trouble is, it is one thing to adopt a hands-off approach to stuff that I have had to admit is beyond me.  It is quite another to trust God to resolve stuff that I see as my responsibiltiy.  Time, priorities, discipline, energy and the like appear to have a habit of meeting in such a way that I do not ever appear to achieve all of the stuff that I consider important.  Perhaps my ‘To do’ list should say ‘Trust God and let him do the rest’!  Instead it says ‘Do all that is humanly possible, plus some that is not, and feel guilty when you fail utterly.’  Except, the latter is broken down into ‘Sort allotment stuff, go to work, look after domestic issues and home admin, never be unproductive, do not waste time on unneccessary stuff, endeavour to keep people happy, do not forget anything (especially do not forget to pray) do not fail at anything or make mistakes, stay cheerful and full of energy, don’t complain or moan and always put others first’

I guess it is not hard to see why I never manage to get it all done…

Lord, I’m tired.