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Borrowed from Deeleea

Felt the need to write something.  Anything.  So here is a meme: 

1.  Asymmetrical – I learned a while ago that nobody possesses mirror symmetry.  I, however, also appear to be a little lopsided.
2.  Brunette – now with a Hint of Grey (well, Hint of Copper, since I hennaed my hair today)
3.  Cat-lover – owner of three felines, lover of all felines (even have a grudging respect and affection for the cheeky blighters who steal our cats’ food – and sleep under our bed – even when we are in it!)
4.  Daft – yes.
5.  Erudite –  seems like a good word to describe something I occasionally manage to be, I hope.
6.  Frizzy-haired – just had a new cut today, in fact, so this is also not currently the case.  Normal service will no doubt be resumed, but for the moment I am proudly sporting a Kate Humble-esqe bob.
7.  God-bothering
8.  Horsey – big fan of the equine beasties, and have the big teeth to complete the image!
9.  Intelligent – as I am aiming to be positive here, I’ll put that one in.  People seem to think I am, at least. Poor misguided fools…
10.  Jocular – I do try
11.  Kind – this is odd.  I wrote this list as an a-z on the ‘about me’ bit originally (well, it is an easy way to reach 25 things without having to think.)  I keep coming accross the deliberately positive stuff I put in.  So weird to see it there…
12.  Loving – ooh, and again . . .
13.  Mental-health worker – ah, cold hard fact.  I work in a drop-in 3 days per week, supporting people with mental illness.
14. Numpty – big fan of Terry Wogan’s breakfast show on Radio 2.  I think that this derisory, yet affectionate, term could well be applied to me.  Sort of means ‘a bit of a fool’.
15.  Oblivious – I spend much time in a world of my own.  Sometimes it is fun, other times irritating as I miss what is happening in the ‘real’ world.
16.  Planet-hugging – I am indeed on of those eco-types, and have a bit of a pride issue about having been one before it became fashionable!
17.  Quiescent – surprisingly, yes.  Sometimes it is a case of ‘anything for a quiet life’.  This is not always a good thing, more ofren than not it has a downside.
18.  Reader – I do like a good book, though that definition has changed over time.  A voracious sci-fi and fantasy fan as a kid, I now find myself reading biographies and travel stuff more (still partial to some Terry Pratchett, tho!).  I have recently developed a bit of a gardening and food mag thing, too.  Sign of middle age, I fear.
19.  Scatterbrained – sorry, what…?
20.  Tough-ish – strange mixture here of strength born of adversity, plus the tendency to be as resiliant as a blancmange in some contexts.
21.  Unfinished – even a quick glance at this list would tell you that God still has alot of work to do, which means alot of co-operation needed from me.
22.  Volatile – see no 21
23.  Walker – ambley rambley, really.  Not a serious climber of mountains, but I love being out in the elements and amongst the natural world.  Flippin’ love it – should do more walking!
24.  Yearning – I must have had a reason for writing this in the original list.  I think it was because I am always looking for the Next Big Thing.  This can mean that I lose sight of the here and now.  I suppose, when properly focused, this kind of yearning is natural as a Christian.  This is not my home, I’m just passing through…
25.  Zoologist – graduated with a B.Sc. in Zoology from Swansea Uni, a scarey amount of time ago.  Although I did not pursue a career in the subject, or even take up one related job after qualifying, there is still one tissue in one organ in this body of mine that shall be forever Zoologist.

Yes, I left X out.  It is a 25 point list, which letter would you omit? 🙂

Naming the thing

Today the thing was semi-officially given a name.

The general professional seemed to agree with me that this was the correct name.

This person has now referred me to a specialist – who may confirm the name, or perhaps decide upon another.

For now, tho, the name is fibromyalgia.

Yes, wibfolk, for a while now I have been experiencing a range of symptoms, none of which had any obvious physical cause.  In the course of my to-ings and fro-ings, I asked questions and did some research (i.e. looked on Google).  Today, when yet another avenue of possible cause had been exhuasted, I decided to lay out all of my symptoms before a friendly and competent GP (not an entirely mythical beast).  He considered things for a moment, and then asked me for my opinion.   As it turned out, he was thinking along the same lines, and has now referred me to a specialist who deals with nebulous syndromes such as this.  In case you were wondering, fibromyalgia is one of those things, along with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, that still causes a deal of scepticism amongst health professionals.  I am just glad that I can be referred to someone who believes in the stuff sufficiently to specialise in it.

As for how I feel, I would say that my reactions are mixed.  I have been dealing with tiredness, aches and pains, digestive probs etc etc for a while now, and to begin with I just ignored it.  Actually seeking help for even  one of the symptoms was a blow enough to my proud ‘I don’t need the medics’ attitude.  As it turns out, one part of me is relieved that a name has been put to my collection of symptoms.  On the other hand, I know that this condition is cannot be cured with a pill or procedure, and this is in itself a mixed blessing.  In order to increase my quality of life, I will need to make changes to how I eat, exercise and generally live.  That puts me at risk of becoming like one of those people with imagined food intolerances who cannot touch anything for fear of coming out in a rash.  There is some poetic justice in this as I was scornful of people with genuine, but difficult to define, food issues for far too long.

Ah well, perhaps this is the kick up the backside I need to start to take more care of myself!

Ups and Downs

Just reporting in to say hello.  Things have been pretty hectic recently, what with one thing and another.  It is the week-end now and, apart from a couple of days training, I am taking the rest of next week off work.

I need it!