Three years on

I began blogging in earnest around the time my Mum became very ill, which was Christmas 2005.  She had a very severe stroke and much changed as a result.  I remember blogging alot at that time as a way of keeping a grip on things.  I thank you all for listening.

As an attempt to redress an imbalance in life, where the bad is often shared and the good less frequently so, I would like tell you something.  I was on the phone to my Dad a couple of days ago when he informed me that he is in the process of requesting that Mum’s driving licence be re-issued.

Whether this application will be successful or not is almost immaterial, as even the prospect of asking would have been unthinkable until quite recently.  Cool, eh?

3 thoughts on “Three years on

  1. Loooook what I found. 🙂 Love and hugs to you and all
    your family, petal. Drop me a line sometime, if silly
    web interfaces tell you the address I’m posting from.
    Deb (the one from uni, if there’s more than Only Me!)

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