More undisciplined thoughts

Response to comments on previous post:

Smudgie:  Thanks for your effusive praise, here is some more ‘genius’!

Ee:  Yes, my dilemma precisely and the point I was attempting to make!  Too subtle, obviously.

Chas:  I agree with you entirely, these things can be fine in themselves.  However, I was referring to the concept of an ‘unhealthy relationship’ with the food example.  I know that the odd ‘naughty food’ is fine, but I also know that repeatedly eating high sugar, high fat, additive ridden stuff will make me feel and look less than my best (!) in the longer term.  That is where the issue of self-control comes in.  Other matters, such as my recently worsening habit of lateness, are not good at all and require  self-discipline to get them sorted.

I have been reflecting on my own question of how to deal with this.  Seeing as self-control would appear to arise from a relationship with God, itself a product of discipline to an extent, perhaps the answer would be to pray for sufficient diligence to make time for Him?  (Taking one oppportunity for prayer being nowhere near as hard as making regular time!)  Hopefully this prayer would be answered,  the first hurdle jumped and  the way cleared for the Lord to help with the others.

Could it really be that simple?

Surely not!

2 thoughts on “More undisciplined thoughts

  1. Combining the themes of food and prayer, can I suggest a read of “A Journey into God”, by Delia Smith. Much as in her cookery books she makes cooking attainable by ordinary people, when she writes about prayer her approach is practical and down to earth – highly recommended …

  2. No wise words from me sorry, but it seems to make sense — prayers as you find a way forward.
    And a quick note to say how wondrous it is to hear from you again.

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