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Three years on

I began blogging in earnest around the time my Mum became very ill, which was Christmas 2005.  She had a very severe stroke and much changed as a result.  I remember blogging alot at that time as a way of keeping a grip on things.  I thank you all for listening.

As an attempt to redress an imbalance in life, where the bad is often shared and the good less frequently so, I would like tell you something.  I was on the phone to my Dad a couple of days ago when he informed me that he is in the process of requesting that Mum’s driving licence be re-issued.

Whether this application will be successful or not is almost immaterial, as even the prospect of asking would have been unthinkable until quite recently.  Cool, eh?

More undisciplined thoughts

Response to comments on previous post:

Smudgie:  Thanks for your effusive praise, here is some more ‘genius’!

Ee:  Yes, my dilemma precisely and the point I was attempting to make!  Too subtle, obviously.

Chas:  I agree with you entirely, these things can be fine in themselves.  However, I was referring to the concept of an ‘unhealthy relationship’ with the food example.  I know that the odd ‘naughty food’ is fine, but I also know that repeatedly eating high sugar, high fat, additive ridden stuff will make me feel and look less than my best (!) in the longer term.  That is where the issue of self-control comes in.  Other matters, such as my recently worsening habit of lateness, are not good at all and require  self-discipline to get them sorted.

I have been reflecting on my own question of how to deal with this.  Seeing as self-control would appear to arise from a relationship with God, itself a product of discipline to an extent, perhaps the answer would be to pray for sufficient diligence to make time for Him?  (Taking one oppportunity for prayer being nowhere near as hard as making regular time!)  Hopefully this prayer would be answered,  the first hurdle jumped and  the way cleared for the Lord to help with the others.

Could it really be that simple?

Surely not!

Discipline, self-control…

… and other unpopular ideals.

Okay, here’s the thing.  The main reason I have been absent from blogging for a while is because I realised that I have a weakness for simply being on the computer.  My decision to ‘fast’ from posting blogs may appear to be a bit of an overreaction to a fairly usual state of affairs, but this realisation coincided with an overall dawning of awareness about my lack of self-control in general. 

Okay, I have never had a classical ‘addiction’ as such, to booze, drugs etc, but I certainly have what could be termed an unhealthy relationship with food, for example.  In this case, I exhibit the classical cyclical pattern of a person attempting to get to grips with an addictive behaviour.  For those who don’t know, it can be paraphrased roughly as ‘not bothering, thinking about bothering, starting to bother, doing well at bothering, slipping up whilst bothering, ‘falling off the wagon’ of bothering, back to not bothering’.  (Acres of research reduced to a sentence about bothering.  Trite, or genius? 🙂 )  There is the added hassle of being able to ‘fall off the wagon’ at an earlier stage, but the idea is obviously not to fall off at all.  It is said that a number of turns of the cycle need to be completed before you even stand a chance of that, tho.  (I’m sure Auntie Doris would be able to give you a much more thorough analysis of this than I can.  If you do ask her, tho, don’t say I sent you!)

So, the spiritual fruit of self-control would appear to offer a great boon in dealing with self-defeating behaviour such as this.  I get the idea, tho, that self-control itself is gained by a close walk with the Lord.  Surely such a walk is one result of a disciplined spiritual life? 

Okay, what now…?