Monthly Archives: July 2008

Au revoir

I have come to the conclusion that I waste far too much time ‘thinking aloud’ and just messing about on the internet. It is time I took some resposibility for my actions and retreated from blogging, at least for a while. I will still try to visit you guys from time to time, but my own meanderings are going to be conspicuous by their absence from now on.

Wish me luck as I try to get to grips with the real world, and perhaps the real me.

Au revoir from your fallible friend…

Foolishness, discovery and a lesson in true repentance

DOs and DON’Ts of having a broken ‘puter at home:

DO make use of the facilities at the library to access internet
DO NOT foolishly use slack time at work to check personal e-mail
DO read wiblogs in library
DO NOT fall into trap of ‘just checking one blog’ after checking e-mail, when you know that you never just stop at one
DO admit your mistake when confronted with evidence of your foolishness by the boss.

It has not been a good week. The above was entirely my fault and thankfully I have a reasonable boss who did not haul me over the coals for it. She had me bang to rights, and all I could do was apologise and resolve not to do it again.

Which I won’t.


I have no idea what to write.

This is very likely to be a stream of consciousness kind of entry, and may well be deleted before posting.

I am in one of those grey moods, so being positive and upbeat would require effort.

I could praise and thank my way out of the slump, I am sure, but sometimes that seems too hard.

Is this just a self-pitying-yuk-fest, or do I really need a hand, some help, some encourement here?

Any ideas, people?

Any at all…?

Discoveries about slugs ‘n’ bees

1) Slugs like marigolds – very much!
2) Slugs do not like my home-made slug trap, with cider.
3) Bumble bees cannot escape from cider traps unaided (well, the one I helped out hadn’t by the time I saw it)
4) Bumble bees are very good at getting rid of sticky cider by holding their legs aloft, vibrating their wings and generally cleaning themselves. They can then fly off.

The cider trap has now gone – as have the marigolds, sadly!