Monthly Archives: June 2008

A song that formed itself whilst I was weeding the allotment one day (yes, it has a tune too!)

Ranunculus are easy to remove
Far easier than couch grass, as my digging here will prove,
Thistles they are a pain,
And pulling dock a strain,
But ranunculus are easy to remove.

Ranunculus form a mat on the ground,
Whilst bindweed likes to twine and wind all over and around,
It can grow, you will find,
From the least bit left behind,
But ranunculus are easy to remove.

I think it is a shame,
That ranunculus are weeds,
For they are cup-like, small and very yellow,
Sadly, they really like
To distribute their seeds,
Meaning your veg would not grow all that well – oh!

Ranunculus are easy to remove,
But they’re never gone for that long, as experience will prove,
I may chuck ’em in a sack,
But they’ll just keep coming back,
Yes, ranunculus are easy,
So very, very easy,
(Well, relatively easy)
To remove.

Dith ’08

It had to find a way out in public somehow. For some reason T & E did not want me to sing it to him. Can’ t thinlk why!

Prizes may be given for those who can give me the common name for Ranunculus. They may not, though, as there are some pretty big clues in there!!!