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Flippin’ ‘eck – three entries?!?

Hello all! As usual, I have not had time to visit you all individually, but thanks for dropping by. Make yorself comfy and don’t mind the cats. Fancy a cuppa?

News: Am off work for the coming week, using it to visit the folks in Dorset. Am hoping it will be a time of R & R, and not a time of family stress. Prayers ascending for the former!

More news: Have got a new little week-end job. I will be showing people around the local Folly Tower (and occasionally another local site of interest, the Shell Grotto). I start work in May and the rota runs until the end of August. This is totally different to anything I have ever done before and, although my primary motivation for applying was to gain a little more money, I am looking forward to the experience. Thanks to the Welsh Dragon for the tip off. (Btw, have you ever walked into an interview to be told at the outset that you have the job if you want it? I have now, unbelievable!!!)

Other news: Have started a little gardening group with my ‘main’ job at the mental health drop-in. If ever there was a niche I felt I belonged in, this is it! Today we potted some primroses, and I think they looked lovely. The group has even managed to gain the interest of a long-term attender of the drop-in who, in my experience, has rarely joined in. How chuffed am I?*

Final news: Off home now. Love to you all. Byeeeeeee!

*A. Very.

The Eternal Optimist

Sat at the computer
Trying to open the dialogue window,
But this window is far too s-l-o-w.

Close it all down,
And reboot it once again,
Computer still showing signs of strain.

Finally, give up,
Turn computer off and walk away,
Only to try again, day after day.

Dith ’08

Okay, you probably deserve an explanation. The title was from a poetry competition advertised in a poster above the library computer I was using the other day. The poem itself was written to pass the time while I tried to open a dialogue box (in the end I gave up!). The reason you are getting to see it is two-fold (i) it really is not worth entering it into the competition, imho and (ii) ee recently posted a worship song he has penned, and I figured that I needed to restore the poetic balance in the Wiblogsphere with some of my nonsense.

Hope you liked it, or at the very least it did not cause you physical pain! 😉


It appears to be April.

I have very little to say, which is good as the library puter timer says I have 7 mins in which to say it.

Have been living, breathing, working, resting, playing, suffering from the lurg, getting better (mostly) and coughing (see previous statement).

I am sure that I will continue to do many of the above (tho hopefully not all – would prefer the lurg-related stuff not to recur) for the next month or so. After this time, I will probably write a blog entry to tell you so.

Watch this space – if you consider it worth the effort.

Bye for now.