Monthly Archives: March 2008

Has it really been a month?

Hello to the faithful few who have been vainly clicking on Gonzo to see if I have posted. Here I am again, at last!

The last few weeks have seen more allotment work, paid work, trouble at mill (or at home in Dorset), Fairtrade fortnight, school governors meeting, evenings at agri college, a failed journey to Salisbury, a couple of trips to Swansea and a lovely, luxurious, long week-end in Ireland. I have been trying to get healthy, get my finances in order, get my life in order and get closer to God – with varying degrees of success.

Other than that, nothing to report.

Btw, if you would care to pick on one or more of the above items in the list and pray for it/them, I would be most grateful. It may help with the last item, at the very least, which could assist with the rest of the relative mayhem!

Thanks guys, see you in April – if not before!