Monthly Archives: February 2008

Not to disillusion the Welsh Dragon, but…

… I am not really that brave!

My Mum-in-Law is currently v proud of me, due to the fact that I had some – er – private investigations of the medical kind without the aid of a safety net. By this I mean that I had the throat-numbing spray, but opted not to have the sedation. She is of the opinion that this makes me very brave, and accolade which I feel I do not deserve.

Y’see, given the option of a few moments of pain and discomfort as opposed to a few hours of feeling ‘out-of-it’, I opted to have my wits about me. The fact that I would prefer not to feel vulnerable via not being entirely compost meantis (sic) for a few hours is not, to me, a sign of bravery. A sign of needing to be in control, perhaps, or of common sense, but not bravery. After all, this blog is written by a woman who has never been beyond ‘slightly tiddly’ when it comes to drunkeness, and experience of mental illness makes you more that a little averse to not seeing the world aright!

So, dear Welsh Dragon, whilst I appreciate your compliments, I feel that the decision I made was more from self-preservation that any, more noble, motivation! However, thanks for your kindness, and that of the Holy Father-in-Law, it was very welcome indeed. 🙂