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A Veritable Eructation of Words.

As no-one has seen fit to grant my request for an extension, I fear that my final attempt to fit all of the remaining words in before the deadline (which is most fearful in its propinquity) will appear more than a little maladroit. Ah well, such is the price for those who procrastinate. I would elucidate upon my reasons for the lack of wonderfully worded posts to date, but I fear that their ineffability would render this post unutterable. So I won’t.

As you may or may not remember (that word is an amphibranch, btw), the unorthodox schoolteacher in ‘The History Boys’ did not want to produce pupils who in the future would profess a love of ‘lit-er-achure’ and ‘words’ (uttered in a reverent tone of voice). I am afraid that he would not hang out the bunting for me, for I have professed a love of ‘words’ in the past. Hence the reason for this game, I suppose. At least, however, I did not merely stop at quoting antidisestablishmentariasm as being the longest word in the English language. That is amateur stuff, after all.

If I, Dith, have been paying more attention in this attempt to insert highfalutin words into my semi-eponymous Daftness of Dith blog, I would possibly have ensured at least an attempt at a quotidian post rate. However, would such a quantification have done more justice to this challenge than this last minute marathon attempt at avoiding being the object of Schadenfreude? (Talking of which, I cannot find the word ‘optimath’ anywhere, Kerensa). As it is, the extent of this entry may well end up being corteminous with all of my other entries combined.

My only regret at the limitation of this final ‘shoe-horn’ post is that I did not allow myself sufficient scope to explore the Parable of the Sporidium, the Pismire and the Weevil. However, if you ask nicely enough, I may be able to produce it for you at a later date.

So, dear friends – unless you wish to be classified as erstwhile – I would ask you to join me in the following exclamation, traditionally uttered by those who have succeeded in the completion of an utterly pointless, self-imposed goal:


A Very Merry Christmas

I am interrupting my attempt at being erudite just to with you all a very merry christmas, sorry I’m late in doing so!

As reported on the T&E blog, Christmas day was a lovely time. The family were well behaved, including Husband (mostly) and we enjoyed a fun exchange of presents and a couple of very good meals (thanks all round, guys!)

Yesterday saw us leave the kitties in the capable hands of Husbdand’s uncle Dai in order for us to get down to Dorset in time to celebrate my sister’s Boxing Day birthday. We made it, more gifts were exchanged, and it has been good to see the English branch of the family! I am in situ for a couple more days, Husband leaves for home tomorrow. So far so good, and I think we are actaully relaxing!

P.S. Can I have an extension on my word game please? I have not been well! 🙂

‘Umble apologies and animal detention

I am feelin’ the need of bein’ a little obsequious ‘ere. I, your most ‘umble servant, do apologise most ‘umbly for the lack of posts recently. I also apologise, most ‘umbly, for the fact that this ‘ere entry is going to be significantly lacking in quality. The fact is, dearest WibFolk, my ears, nose, throat, ‘ead and, in fact, most of me body is feelin’ more than a little gungy at the moment. I reckon in a survey of one hundered people who say how in the peak of physical ‘ealth they may be feelin’, I would be come in at around sixty-eighth. (There, Rhys, that was for you! 🙂

This yukkiness is thankfully only recent, but an agglomeration of severe procrastination and life in general has caused my absence from the Wibsite for a while. Ah well, I’m off now in the hope that T&E will find it in his soul to be suitably uxorious, but I reckon that a Falangist rhinoceros experiencing severe demurrage would hold his attention more readily than any muted groans of anguish from me.

(In all fairness, I think that the theoretical rhino would cause alot of interest to anyone under any circumstances! After all, a Spanish rhinoceros with facist tendencies being detained in a freight vessel longer than necessary would be pretty fascinating. Far more so than my mild malaise!)