Monthly Archives: November 2007

Angry words averted

Supine beneath a cerulean sky,
Here I lie,
At least in my mind’s eye.

I leave the Rubicon uncrossed,
For the cost
Would have been far too high.

I’m choosing instead to forgive
And to live.
Depravity is not my lord.

Familial floccinaucinihilipilification
From frustration
Is more than one ever can afford.

Dith ’07

(Note: Both this ode and the previous one relate to real events,
I hope you enjoy my introduction of your words!)

An ode to ee

The omens were portentious,
Car dying, computer seeming dead,
Causing sighs and moans lugubrious,
For my fear of parting with much bread.

Yet today, it dawned most propitous,
Computer living and car cheaply fix-ed,
The signs are looking more auspicious
For avoidance of such financial dread.

Dith ’07

Of Laws and In-Laws

I must say that I am utterly agog that you should attempt to flout the regulations I chose to lay down regarding the deadline for words. However, blogging here at the in-laws, I will pardon some of you outlaws . . . but, being somewhat mercurial by nature, not all!

Not to prevaricate overmuch, I am allowing all words that made it before the original deadline. But to prove that I am not immutable, I will also permit those that came within a full week of the gauntlet post.

However, I retain the right to refuse one trio of entries. I would like to tell ‘Me’ that I will not play with you. Not only did you stray from the original paradigm, you placed your suggestions beneath the wrong post, were evidently lethargic about entering the game, you may even exist twice(!) . . . plus those are not even real words!

Honestly, the discumnockerated, thingumejiggle-type behaviour of that flibbertijibbet!!!

Technical itch

Firstly, thanks to all of you for your myriad of lovely words. However, I am currently snatching an illicit 5 mins at work to write this entry. Our ‘puter at home has contracted an illness, possibly terminal. Nevertheless, despite this leaving me a little discombobulated, I will attempt to overcome the innate obstreperous nature of technology in order to produce entries resplendent in eloquent prose. All will be tickety-boo, I promise!

(I think I managed six in there!)

Some Eloquence (perhaps?)

Was just reading Kerensa’s blog and I realised how rich it is in words that do not see much in the way of day to day use. I must confess that my blogging style is pretty informal, so such lovely words as ‘proclivity’ and ‘elucidation’ do not tend to appear (well, apart from just then, but you get the idea.) It is for this reason, Wibloggers, I am throwing down a gauntlet.

You have until the end of this coming Sunday to suggest words that I must endeavour to include in my blog posts. The idea will be that I should use them as a matter of course, rather than shoe-horn them in. If enough people provide me with some words, I will attempt to include them all by the end of the year. (I would say month, but I know how infrequent my posting can be).

By the way, knowing what you guys can be like, I am limiting you all to a maximum of three words each. The Disthster reserves the right to exclude those words that exceed this quota. Go on then, people, get suggesting.

(I have a feeling that I may live to regret this.)

Some Daftness

I have decided to give up on the attempt to dedicate the month of November to reflections on the nature of friendship. It appears not to be generating much interest, plus the fact I wanted to tell you something daft (not of my making, for once!) Neil, of Slightly Random Wiblog fame, has already mentioned the wondrousness that is Coopers of Stortford, purveyors of gadgetry to the undiscerning. I was also perusing their amusing catalogue the other day, and discovered this laugh out loud gem.

Quote: "these versatile containers are perfect for storing cakes (especially Christmas Cake, Mince Pies and Stolen Cake)…"

I have a mental image of Cooper, the Phantom Cake Burgular of Old Stortford Town, wondering where to store his stash from the raid on the local bakery. "Aha!" thinks he, on espying the aforementioned versatile containers, " I shall store my Stolen Cake in those, they are the perfect hiding place!"

You can choose your friends…

…but you cannot choose your family. Perhaps surprisingly, I am actually glad about the second half of that quote, as well as the first!

Having had a very family orientated birthday week-end (thanks for all the good wishes via T&E blog) I can truly say that I am grateful for my family. It was great to get a chance to see Mum and Dad on the Sat, when we met in Chippenham for them to pass on the baton – er – hand over my sister for her to complete her journey from Dorset to Ponty. Having Den stay over for a couple of nights was fab, as was seeing her so happy with her lovely fella who also visited for a bit. The family dinner on Sunday with the Parry contingient was most superb, as was being showered with pressies and cards from all directions.

Obviously, the family member who I did actually choose, i.e. my lovely T&E Husband, also excelled himself in making me feel special. 🙂

So, in conclusion, hurrah for my family!

A friend in need…

…is a pain in the a**e.

Actually, I do not believe this. (Well, not ALL the time, if I’m brutally honest.) However, it shows that I am not the only one to have possibly misunderstood the proverb – ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’.

Until recently, I read this as meaning that a friend who is in need is going to stick pretty close, as they could really do with the help. Whilst this is often true, I have come to think that it is not what the saying is trying to – er – say. I now understand this as meaning that someone who proves themself to be your friend when you are in need is a true friend (indeed!)

That conclusion is slightly less cynical and much more noble. I think I prefer it.

I’ll get by…

…with a little help from my friends.

Have been thinking about the whole issue of friendship recently. This was prompted mainly by hearing "a little help from my friends" twice in the space of one hour, plus a woman in a radio interview saying that she was grateful to God for the good freinds she has. Being reduced to tears by this statement, followed by the song in question, is not a good idea when driving! But, as I said, it got me thinking about friendship (and the fact I am not blogging in traction means that I did not crash!)

The question I found myself asking almost immediately was whether I thank God for my friends. I was a little ashamed to realise that I rarely do. As one who was bereft of good friends for most of my early life, and who has seen how important close friends are in the wellbeing of the people I support, this is a bit of a shocking self-revelation. I, of all people, should really be in a state of constant gratitude for being blessed with so many marvellous mates!

This question was followed by the realisation that I do not let my freinds themselves know how much I value them as often as perhaps I could. Having been very high maintenance for much of my life (and dealing with the reality that, at times, I still can be) I am all to ready to let others know when I need them. However, I have to be honest enough to admit that I do not openly express my gratitude for all the love and support given as readily as I shout ‘HELP!’

So, as a result, I would like to publicly
– thank God for my friends (and in that, I include my lovely family)
– thank my friends for being who they are – which is flippin’ brilliant!

Love you all!