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Wiblog silence

The relative wiblog silence to date has been due to – um – me, being me.

The silence over the next week or so will be due to the fact that I am off to Dorset to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary of the parents on Sun, and staying on for a while. Am hoping that a change is going to be as good as a rest. Sis may let me near her ‘puter, so perhaps you will see something of me, perhaps not.

Then again, going by my recent trends in bloglessness, it would not really make much difference.

Anyway, TTFN!

Edison, our enemy…?

This post went through a number of incarnations, in my mind at least, before I decided upon this version. I have opted to share my thoughts in the form of a Ditheory (Dith-theory).

Light bulbs are not always our friends.

Consider the situation if Thomas Edison, Humphry Davy and their ilk had kept their genius to themselves. In the wintertime we would not be getting up before the sun rose and going to bed after it had set. Consequently, we would most likely be less tired, possibly less crabby, and less likely to want to spend the day under the duvet when we should be at work. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) would probably be non-existant! As it is, after number of extra shifts in a generally busy week, I have spent this foggy day off in a state of semi-hibernation. A luxury, I admit, and one most people can ill afford, no matter how much their metabolism may cry out for it. So, what do you say, should be rise up en masse (or more appropriately, not rise up en masse) and refuse to keep a schedule that is not set by the sun’s emergence and disappearance? In an ideal world, perhaps…

Until then, I will be left wondering whether the grubby cotton wool that appears to be functioning in place of my brain at the mo could still be classed as ‘grey matter’.

Unlikely Lyrics

By following a link from Dave’s cartoon blog, I found a blog by the name of a blokey called Ian. One of his posts was about singing one song to the tune of another, one example being singing Amazing Grace to the tune of the House of the Rising Sun. The most notable comment on this entry, though, was made by the person who remembers singing ‘Why don’t you put your trust in Jesus’ to the Match of the Day theme tune. This may not seem significant, but it is to me.

I did not attend church regularly as a child, as neither of my parents were churchgoing (I’ll sidestep the issue of whether they were/are Christians or not – too deep for this post). However, one year, I did attend a summer activity scheme at my local church (something I would now know as a Holiday Bible Club, I guess). I only remember a few things about it, the ‘trust in Jesus’ song mentioned above being the one that stands out the most. For those who are in the least bit interested, it goes like this:

Why don’t you put your trust in Jesus
and ask him to come in?
He saw your need from up in heaven
and died to save your sin.
Why don’t you take him as your saviour
and let him hold your hand?
He will strengthen, guide and keep you
’til you reach the promised land.

Having sung this, I remember going home and telling Mum, "I know where the Match of the Day theme tune comes from." I found Mum’s explanation that the theme tune came first hard to swallow. In my young mind, hymn tunes (for that is what the Jesus song was to me at the time) were older than any other music, especially title music for football programmes.

Btw, being married now to a footie nut, I find these lyrics recurring far more often than before. As far as my memory is concerned, that tune has words that talk about trusting Jesus!

Footnote: When I became a Christian, I actually attended the church in question until going away to Uni. I have just found myself wondering whether any prayers said by the youth team at that time, perhaps for the nervous young girl who appeared to find it hard to mix with other kids, may have had something to do with that!

Family Funeral

Today, as you may have heard from T&E, we attended the funeral of his uncle. Despite having not had the chance to meet Unlcle G, I found the funeral moving because it was a time of grief for those close to me. Being there and experiencing the emotions related to thier loss was a source of sadness to me also. By no means as intense as theirs, naturally, but the kind of grief you feel when those you love are suffering.

In a odd way, however, there were postitive elements to today. I met with members of the extended family and enjoyed getting to know them, despite the circumstances. It was also a privilege to be welcome at such an intimate event as a funeral, present at such a vulnerable point in peoples’ lives.

I wish all those near and dear to me every strength and blessing as they seek to come to terms with their loss.

With Love.

Back to the Top

Ooh, somebody with a blog by the name of ‘The Hatching of a Plot’ bumped me off the bottom of the ‘most recent’ list. That was thoughtless of them, whoever they may be.

Ah well, this pointless post means I am back at the top agian. It is all downhill from here, tho…