Officially a Good Start

Okay, so I have started my new job.

If you would care to, I ask you to cast your minds back to the beginning of my previous, ill-fated period of employment, beginning December 2006. Turning up twice when I was not due set the tone for lack of clarity in communication and general rubbish-ness all round. I may have put positive spin on it at the time, but I was more than a little disillusioned from the start.

Now for some contrast.

Yesterday was my first day in the new job. Found my way there, pretty much on time (and on the right day!), and was greeted by my friendly boss who sat down with me for a chat and a cuppa before beginning official business. Was introduced to staff and visitors to the drop-in centre and chatted happily with all. It was evident that my addition to the team was a welcome one and that it was understood that it would take me a while to intergrate properly. The fact that I was free to ask questions, even repeating the same one if I forgot the answer, was very heavily emphasised. Also, I actually began my official induction. I sat down with my line manager and she went through the printed list of things I should know. *GASP* I do not even know if such a list existed in my previous place!!! At the end of my shift (2.30pm – lovely!) I strolled back home in a leisurely fashion. Happy.

So, all in all, this was officially a Good Start. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Officially a Good Start

  1. WOW! What can I say? So pleased you have had a positive start and I hope it continues. Sounds as though it will

  2. Excellent! 😀 Tomorrow comes the test of whether you’ve committed to memory all the information on the printed list 😉

    Seriously, sounds like the best possible start. Here’s praying for happiness and fulfilment in your work.. if only because you can then keep your husband in the manner to which he wishes to become accustomed.

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