Does anyone know how to re-boot my brain?

My brain has a screensaver at the moment. It is one of those where the background is black and the words scroll accross in a lurid colour, I think mine is green. When I am feeling productive, or have energy and drive, the screensaver stays away. It also goes away when I laugh. On the whole, tho, it pops up far too often. In case you are interested, the gist of the scrolling words is something like:

‘…this is annoying…that is frustrating me…I am so TIRED of all this…I wish it wouldn’t do that…this is going nowhere…I just don’t have the energy…I really can’t be bothered…I’ve had enough…’

I do not know who programmed the screensaver, but I cannot seem to turn it off. Like I say, keeping busy makes is go away, as does being determinedly cheerful. After a while, though, inertia sets in again and the green words scroll on.

Any suggestions…?

8 thoughts on “Does anyone know how to re-boot my brain?

  1. *Slyly looking around to check nobody is watching, Smudgie sidles up to the distracted Dith, screwdriver in hand, and surreptitiously opens up the flap in the back of her head that leads to her brain. Suppressing an evil giggle at the thought of her masterplan, she begins to twiddle with the settings, and with a swipe of the cursor she deletes the screensaver message, replacing it with one of her own. Hee hee.. Dith will soon be cursing her when, in every idle moment, the screen of her brain is now invaded with the words "Jesus loves me, this I know. For the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong. They are weak but he is strong. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so".

    Mwahahahahahaha… now every screensaver moment will make you think of Jesus… and of Smudgie 😉

  2. Evil plans can backfire. Now how on earth am I going to get that song out of my head this evening?

  3. I once had a screensaver at work that scrolled the words "I really like working here" across the screen. Unfortunately it meant that, completely involuntarily, I used to grit my teeth every time I saw it.

  4. I know this problem well. It also happens regularly to my computer. Every time I try to do something with my e-mail it fails to respond and I have to turn the darned thing off.

  5. Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, I worked for a Christian publishing company. My pay cheques had a nasty habit of turning to rubber and bouncing when they reached the bank.

    I changed my screensaver to a Bible reference – the one from Deuteronomy about "pay your workers every day because they are poor and relying on it."

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