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Officially a Good Start

Okay, so I have started my new job.

If you would care to, I ask you to cast your minds back to the beginning of my previous, ill-fated period of employment, beginning December 2006. Turning up twice when I was not due set the tone for lack of clarity in communication and general rubbish-ness all round. I may have put positive spin on it at the time, but I was more than a little disillusioned from the start.

Now for some contrast.

Yesterday was my first day in the new job. Found my way there, pretty much on time (and on the right day!), and was greeted by my friendly boss who sat down with me for a chat and a cuppa before beginning official business. Was introduced to staff and visitors to the drop-in centre and chatted happily with all. It was evident that my addition to the team was a welcome one and that it was understood that it would take me a while to intergrate properly. The fact that I was free to ask questions, even repeating the same one if I forgot the answer, was very heavily emphasised. Also, I actually began my official induction. I sat down with my line manager and she went through the printed list of things I should know. *GASP* I do not even know if such a list existed in my previous place!!! At the end of my shift (2.30pm – lovely!) I strolled back home in a leisurely fashion. Happy.

So, all in all, this was officially a Good Start. 🙂

Good news (due to wrong shoes?)

I have a job!

On Tues I shall be beginning work as a Centre Support Worker (p/t) for Torfaen MIND. This is a local mental health charity under 15 mins free-wheeling distance of our house. Pity about the long drag (pushing bike) back up the hill afterwards.

The interview was last Tuesday and they seemed very impressed with me, offering me the job by the end of the day. They were obviously not deterred by the fact that, having changed from comfy driving trainers in the car, I was wearing my posh interview shoes on the wrong feet. Maybe they did not even notice. After all, I didn’t…

… until after the interview!

A lucky strategy perhaps?

Jesus loves me…

…this I know,
‘cos the Bible tells me so,
Little ones to him belong,
They are weak but he is strong.

Yes, Jesus loves me,
YES, Jesus loves me,
YES, Jesus loves ME!

The Bible tells me so.

Repeat ad infinitum as an attempt to replace the green scrolling words.

Smudgie, help, go get that screwdriver!!!

P.S. If this makes no sense (and you need to understand) just read entry of May 9th and comments.

P.P.S. Did people not like my poem? It actually happened, y’know! I’m thinking perhaps that it was a little too gross for most. Sorry, sometimes I overstep the line of good taste.

Burnt Offering

Outside the vets,
Freindly chat with a man
Loading his black van,
Apparantly, I kept the weather fine.

A day on the rounds
And a barbecue later
With this pet cremator
Was an offer I considered very kind.

But declined.

Please hug my friend

This is slightly unorthodox, but I would like to ask you to go and hug this wiblogger.

She is one of the most generous hearted and uncomplaining people I know. She thinks more of others’ needs than of her own and rarely asks for help. Which is why it took me so long to realise that my dear friend has been drowning, not waving. A phone call yesterday opened my eyes to the reality of things.

Her recent blog entry is raw and honest, which has all the more impact from someone I know to play down her troubles as a rule. I live too far away to help in the ways I would like but felt the need to let others know so that she can feel more supported. This is one way I have chosen to do this.

Please pay Minn a visit, give her a hug and remember her in your prayers. Thanks.

Go on, off you go…


Thanks to the wonderful comments and commenters, the following has taken place:

– My screensaver now tells me that Jesus loves me
– I’m glad I no longer work somewhere I hate
– I have permission to turn off
– I have wiggled (it made me smile)
– I have eaten some chocolate
– I have grinned at the thought of euphemistic-mouse-wiggling

Thanks, people. As always, you rock!

Does anyone know how to re-boot my brain?

My brain has a screensaver at the moment. It is one of those where the background is black and the words scroll accross in a lurid colour, I think mine is green. When I am feeling productive, or have energy and drive, the screensaver stays away. It also goes away when I laugh. On the whole, tho, it pops up far too often. In case you are interested, the gist of the scrolling words is something like:

‘…this is annoying…that is frustrating me…I am so TIRED of all this…I wish it wouldn’t do that…this is going nowhere…I just don’t have the energy…I really can’t be bothered…I’ve had enough…’

I do not know who programmed the screensaver, but I cannot seem to turn it off. Like I say, keeping busy makes is go away, as does being determinedly cheerful. After a while, though, inertia sets in again and the green words scroll on.

Any suggestions…?


…was incredible fun! It is almost time to make the tea so I will tell you more when I am less hungry.


Update: For a detailed account of the break, see T&E’s blog. He is doing a very good job of describing it. Much better than I am able at the mo…

Unsurprising news

Work were unable (charitable reading of situation) to find me an alternative position within the company. To quote Catherine Tate’s character Lauren ‘Am I bovvered?’

That is it. No more to say. Nothing to see here. Next post please…