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Another unexpected thing

With all that has been happening recently, I have been thinking (idly musing, if I’m honest) about trying to make a little business out of selling my hand made cards and gifts. I had no idea how this could possibly take shape, not being really business-minded, and was really just throwing it around in my head.

The other evening I went to a local prayer meeting and got talking about being a Fair Trade rep. A lovely lady at the meeting suggested that I try to sell some of the food etc via a little cafe owned by a friend of hers in Blaenavon, a village a few miles away from my home.

Yesterday I drove to the cafe for lunch with the lady from the prayer meeting. A couple of hours later, having had lovely relaxed lunch with PM lady and a chat with the cafe owner, I had secured a deal to sell her beverages and snacks. The thing that really excited me, though, was the fact that she has agreed to give me use of the little side room, previously used by her daughter to sell occult stuff and tourist tat, to sell fair trade gifts and my creations. She had been praying about finding a new use for this space!

Gobsmacked? Blown away? Amazed? Excited? Stunned?

YES! 🙂

More news

S’funny how life takes some unexpected twists and turns. I am still awaiting some definitive response from work regarding my future re: health ‘n’ stuff. Partly due to this, I got in touch with a pet sitting company advertising for people to be sitters in our area. The other day, a nice lady from the company came to my house and, I suppose, gave me some form of interview i.e. she chatted, drank coffee and petted the kitts (who did a great PR job for me!)

As a result, she went away saying she would forward me the relevant paperwork. Today, a formal contract came through the post. Somehow, I have ended up as a registered pet sitter for Care4Pets (effectively self-employed with as much work as comes in and I am happy to take on) Getting paid for taking care of animals, how cool is that?

Btw, knowing that someone is coming to your house with the chance of offering you a job, you have to do the equivalent of putting your surroundings in a ‘interview suit’. I do not think our little bungalow has been so presentable! Also, I have never before been offered a job after I have been interviewed whilst wearing jeans and a cardi and my cats playing with the feet of the interviewer. Very surreal, but I would thoroughly reccommend it 😉

Mighty Hunter

Warning for non-felinophiles: Kitty-related post.

As you may know from Husband’s blog, our three cats have recently been exploring the Big Wide World i.e. let outside. I am wondering whether Sherpa is truly Welsh, given his tendency to batter daffodils, and little Lemur is getting braver by the moment, but it is Che I wish to tell you about especially.

About a week since his first foray, our Migthy Hunter brought us his first offering. He trotted in proudly, bearing it in his mouth. It was small, brown, rather forlorn and certainly very dead.

Thankfully, it was only a dry leaf!

Am so proud of my brave boy!!!

Okay, I’ll stop now.

The reason for the posts of brevity is purely anal.

Post 1) I really DID have nothing to say. I had just archived and did not want the automatic ‘there are no current posts’ thing to come up. That would’ve suggested I was a sad and boring old fart. This strategy, on the other hand…
Post 2) JtL then suggested that I was being cunning, so I decided that I would retain an air of mystery by continuing the short posts.
Post 3) Due to people commenting in a way that indicated that they thought my brief posts were due to a smart and devious ruse, I felt I needed to say that this was far from so.
Post 4) Just because…

So, that’s it. Utterly prosaic, I’m afraid.

P.S. For those who have come here from the Regent College site, expecting an expasion of my recent post on the ‘OT Law and Ethics’ thread, I will write it soon. I promise.