Monthly Archives: February 2007

Reigning cats on blogs

I have recently noticed something. People like to post pics of thier pets on their wiblogs. No surprise there, then. However, the pet always seems to be feline. Why is that? Permit me to speculate…

a) Given that the blogs I read tend to be of the ‘wib’ variety, then does the tendecy towards cat photos reflect the overall Christian leanings of the bloggers in question? It has been commented that ‘Dogs have masters, cats have staff’, so is our choice of pet (remember, I have three demanding kitties) the result of a faith-based tendency towards servanthood?

b) It may be, however, that this trend goes beyond the wiblogsphere. Do blogged pet piccies show an overall feline bias, regardless of the theology and ethics of the blogger in question? Is it affected by matters such as the fact that cats will take themselves for walks, a tendency notably absent in dogs, thus leaving more sedentary time for their owners? Time which could be spent on activities such as writing pointless theories on their blog. This hypothesis requires futher extensive research if we are to know for certain. Any volunteers?

c) As the hypothesis of Schroedinger’s Cat shows, the very act of observing the result of an experiment could actually change the outcome. So, perhaps the pics are really of dogs, rabbits or stick-insects, but the act of my observing them changes the species of the pet in question.

d) Alternatively, observer bias may be the determining factor. Could it be that I natuarally enjoy reading the bloggings of cat-lovers? (With apologies to those non-cat-loving-wibbers whose blogs I also enjoy. You may well be the exception that proves the rule!)

e) My final theory is that all this is totally random and that I should just drink my tea and shut up!

Well, what do you think…?