Daily Archives: February 21, 2007

Just this, then I log off.

Okay, some brief stuff, and then I need to look to my books.

Am now off work for another two weeks, having been signed off for a fortnight already. Not good, seeing as I only started with the company in December. Not sure where this is all going to end up. There is so much in my brain that the best thing, really, is not to think about it.

Due back at work on March 6th. Please pray for my peace of mind about this and that the outcome will be for the best.


Sabbathy stuff

Sad Sis – yes. As I said, it is surely a luxury for me to be able to do as I do. I think how we choose to observe the sabbath is very indiviual and doubtless incredibly tricky for those with young families.

JtL – thanks, fishy! I am actaully doing a theology-type-thing because, initially, it was a way to live in Vancouver for a year. Having travelled and volunteered in Cananda for a few months, I fell in love with this beautiful city. I therefore applied for a one year course at Regent College and was accepted. The arrival of T&E and Mum’s illness postponed this and, eventually, it became apparant that distance learning would be the best approach. The course is designed to run in parallel to your vocation and add a kind of Christian focus to your work life, it also has no time limit. Thankfully, some of the units still need to be taken in residence, so I will be spending time in Vavcouver again some time in the future. Hurrah!

Having neatly side stepped your real question of ‘why study theology?’, I’ll prove that I do not have political aspirations by providing you with a proper answer. I’ll admit that the subject itself held very little appeal for me…initially. I would never have considered academic study of my faith if it had not held the promise of living abroad. Having said that, now that I am doing so, I am surprised at how interesting I find it. My current study of the OT is adding substance and background to my beliefs and prompting quesitions such as the sabbath one. It is also good to stretch the old grey matter to prevent it dying off completely through lack of use!