Daily Archives: February 9, 2007

D’you fancy a cuppa…?

Random curiosity post…

The other day, for some reason, T&E asked me if we had any coffee. I replied that we did, which prompted him to ask where it was. I told him it was in the cupboard and he found it, eventually.

The reason I tell you this is because, in our house, there are three containers by the kettle. In the one marked tea, there are teabags, in the one marked sugar, there is sugar, and in the one marked coffee, there are sachets of hot chocolate.

Odd? Not really. We tend not to drink coffee, and nor do we have that many guests who do.

So, tell me, tea or coffee?

Btw, I once visited a friend’s parents when I was a student. On arrival, they offered me a drink. I said yes, expecting the usual ‘tea or coffee’ option. I was most surpised when the beverage on offer was of the port/sherry/whisky variety. I guess I had led a sheltered life ’til then…