For rain…

…and others who have come here expecting a DIY story, as promised by T & E.

Husband was very efficient recently and now there are coat hooks and the like affixed to our walls. He likes to do the DIY thing with the whole power tool bit, being a ‘real man’ (he says!).

So, after drilling a couple of holes and inserting the relevant wall plugs, with me as attending tool holder, he began to screw a coat rack to the wall with an electric screwdriver.

‘Whirrrrrrr!’ went the power tool and the screw turned rapidly, fixing one side of the rack to the wall, with the screw head left protruding slightly for convenience. The procedure was repeated for second screw. Then followed the attempt at the requisite final tightening of the screws.

‘Nyahhh’ said the screwdriver as it ran out of charge. Seriously, it really did sound as though the power tool was mocking Husband. Translation of Nyahhh = “You’ll have to finish this job manually, ya lazy git. I quit!” So, due to the relacitrant nature of the sarcastic tool, that is exactly what he did (And very well too, I may add!)*

Dr. Who fans will be aware of the Time Lord’s all-singing all-dancing gadget, known as a Sonic Screwdirver.

We must be the only people in existence who possess its evil counterpart…

…the Sardonic Screwdriver.

(For those who know me, that pun was actually lit upon entirely by accident. I think that may qualify it as actually being funny!)

*Earning ‘Good wife points’ there.

2 thoughts on “For rain…

  1. p.s. you know, i had a sarcastic hammer once – and then there’s the ironic iron (even though i ironed for hours, there were still wrinkles) and, best not forgotten, the mocking level (in lieu of telling me if something is level, it will jab and poke 1-liners…sometimes tiltling itself so i’ll never know if Project A, B, or C is actually, in fact, level… it’s frustrating. perhaps i need to retire them!)

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