Nice castle…ooh, nice castle….mmm, I like that castle

Okay, okay, I give in! Due to a timely prompt from JtL in previous commentage, I have been reborn – as an incarnation of my former self. Or, at least, my blog has.

My avatar is now Dorey, the wonderfully forgetful and scatty fish from Finding Nemo. I have given her a nice blue background to get lost in. The tag line for the blog is a variation of ‘Random acts of kindness in the community’, which I have actually heard of as a form of evangelism. Honest! The friend who told me that she was taking part had not even a hint of irony in her voice.

As for the nice castle in the title of this entry, I will explain for the benefit of those who do not already know. Let us picture a goldfish, with its legendarily short memory, swimming around and around the plastic model in the middle of its bowl. Get the idea?*

Btw, would’ve used the fish in the bowl as avatar, but could not dare to incur the Legendary Wrath of Smudgie!

* The golfish didn’t!

5 thoughts on “Nice castle…ooh, nice castle….mmm, I like that castle

  1. Oooooh, even I wouldn’t dare risk the wrath of Smudgie! But I do like the new look (even though I liked the old look too…. easily pleased, me!)

  2. hate to say it, but you’ve got the wrong fish. your avatar is Flounder from the little mermaid, not Dory from Finding Nemo.

    Flounder is traditional 2D drawn animation whereas Dory is a bigger CGI animaiton.

    Flounder is still very cute . . . but i’ll always know you as Gonzo!

  3. I’ve read about the random acts of kindness as evangelism thing. Handing out water on bike paths, cleaning pub toilets. Just imagine walking into a pub with a bucket and gloves and asking to clean the toilet. It’s almost art.

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