Daily Archives: January 11, 2007

Nice castle…ooh, nice castle….mmm, I like that castle

Okay, okay, I give in! Due to a timely prompt from JtL in previous commentage, I have been reborn – as an incarnation of my former self. Or, at least, my blog has.

My avatar is now Dorey, the wonderfully forgetful and scatty fish from Finding Nemo. I have given her a nice blue background to get lost in. The tag line for the blog is a variation of ‘Random acts of kindness in the community’, which I have actually heard of as a form of evangelism. Honest! The friend who told me that she was taking part had not even a hint of irony in her voice.

As for the nice castle in the title of this entry, I will explain for the benefit of those who do not already know. Let us picture a goldfish, with its legendarily short memory, swimming around and around the plastic model in the middle of its bowl. Get the idea?*

Btw, would’ve used the fish in the bowl as avatar, but could not dare to incur the Legendary Wrath of Smudgie!

* The golfish didn’t!