The mayhem of kittens

Last night. A sound was heard. Thud thud thud slither slither thud.

I ask Husband ‘What was that?’

He replies ‘The kittens coming down the stairs together.’

I say that I think it was more than just kittens, but do not act on my hunch.

Later, I pass the bottom of the stairs. Husband’s jacket is lying on the floor. I ask him where his coat had been. He said that it was in the bedroom. I carry it into the lounge saying something along the lines of,

‘I thought that there was more than just kittens in that noise earlier!’

We laugh, lots.

I am a little sad however. Our feline friends sledging down our stairs atop Husband’s coat is something I would love to have seen, as well as heard.

Ah well, the imagination is a pretty useful instrument at a time like this!

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