Daily Archives: December 31, 2006


Whilst I agree that New Year is very much an arbitrary date, I feel the need to relflect nonetheless. Nothing if not inconsistent, me.

As my ‘I am angry’ rant of a couple of weeks ago shows, it has not all been rosy for me this last year. However, it has been far from totally s***ty, too. I am fond of commenting that roses grow best in s**t and I hope that this proves true. Both in my life, and those whose lives have had more than their fair share of merde this last year (both on and off wib).

My aunt commented to me the other day that she wondered why she had not had any real crises in her life. This took me aback a little as I had assumed that the normal pattern of life was going from one set of problems to the next, whilst making the most of the good bits. I had concluded that this was true, to a greater or lesser extent, for all people.

This set me to thinking. My aunt was brought up by her grandparents and has been unable to have children. Surely this would be raw ‘crisis’ material for many people. However, she has always struck me as being very level-headed and practical. Quite pragmatic, really, whilst not being uncaring. I think that sometimes it is the attitude with which we approach life that determines whether we sink or swim. Or alternatively, flap about madly whilst making little progress, or just float for a bit.

This brings me to the main thought of this reflection – it has to do with seasons. Spring is, for me, the true start of a New Year. In all honesty, I am inhabiting winter at the moment. I feel as though the ground is frozen and I am doing all I can to conserve my energy to survive until the Sun brings some warmth and a thaw. I feel as though there is promise of growth, and potential, but not yet.

It can be cold, it can be dark, it can be lonely – but it is as it should be.

Too much effort now would mean frost damage of the new shoots and possible loss.

So, I rest. I wait. I consolidate my resources and look forward to warmer, brighter days.

They are coming, you know. For me, and for those that are also in Winter at this time.

Get your heads down, Winter-dwellers, hibernate for a bit. Spring is on the way.

Happy New Year, all. Both now and when the ‘real’ one comes. Thanks for all your warmth and support in the cold and stormy times. It has helped. 🙂

The mayhem of kittens

Last night. A sound was heard. Thud thud thud slither slither thud.

I ask Husband ‘What was that?’

He replies ‘The kittens coming down the stairs together.’

I say that I think it was more than just kittens, but do not act on my hunch.

Later, I pass the bottom of the stairs. Husband’s jacket is lying on the floor. I ask him where his coat had been. He said that it was in the bedroom. I carry it into the lounge saying something along the lines of,

‘I thought that there was more than just kittens in that noise earlier!’

We laugh, lots.

I am a little sad however. Our feline friends sledging down our stairs atop Husband’s coat is something I would love to have seen, as well as heard.

Ah well, the imagination is a pretty useful instrument at a time like this!