Daily Archives: November 27, 2006

For ee

The Danny Wallace *I* like is certainly not a footballer.

No person should be excused any crime on arbitrary grounds such as the team they support.

Other than that, I am pretty tolerent of the football fans in WibWorld.


Sometimes I think that I’m all grown-up

Today my Dad and Mum came to visit Husband and self in our new house. They travelled from Dorset for the day, which is no mean feat as we live in S Wales. My feelings of ‘all grown up’ started when I went to meet them at an agreed point in order to help Dad navigate the twisty-turny bit at the end of the journey. Here is the thing – I had to slow down so that he could keep up with me! (Dad used to drive for the police force.)

The next illusion of maturity came with the realisation that I was making lunch for my parents and my Husband in a home on which we have a mortgage (i.e. to all intents and purposes it is OWNED by us – not rented). The domestic scene created by the three kitts just added to that feeling.

So here I am:
living in my own home,
driving faster than my parents,
owning cats.

Like I say, sometimes I think that I’m all grown up.

Then again, when Mum still straightens my collar and tells me to leave the cats alone as they are sleeping, I realise that nothing really changes!

Btw, for those who have been following the tale of my lovely Mum, she seemed really cheerful today. I think she was glad to have had the chance to get out of the usual routine and come to see us. It was her birthday yesterday and she appeared genuinely pleased with the plant I gave her. ‘Real Mum’ was very much in evidence today and I am really happy to have seen it. Dad also seemed happy, despite the fact that he no longer enjoys driving much. All in all, a great day. 🙂