Daily Archives: November 23, 2006

Been good to catch up

Hello all. Am on a day off from work at the moment. Legit, not stress-fuelled thankfully. I have had a chance to catch up with a few of you in WibWorld but, before my whole day disappears, I thought I had better post something of my own. Given that I have spent alot of time ‘visiting’, I reckon that a reflection on WibWorld is the most likely post to emerge. Here goes:

1) I love the fact that this place is a wonderful balance of serious and seriously silly! We can be reflecting on some deep and meaningfuls or offering much needed support at one moment, and laughing out loud at some amusing anecdote or daft link in the next. Sometimes it is far too easy to get caught up in the deep and the deeply distressing (esp if you are me!) and laughter truly is the best medicine.

2) The similarities and the diversity are also great. I enjoy finding out that there are people out there who also enjoy Danny Wallace and Scrubs, for e.g., but the fact that football lovers are also welcome is kinda cool too 😉 On a more profound note, it is good to see how others approach the same God in a variety of ways but that we can still dialogue (grins at Tiffer) in honesty and acceptance (at least, I hope we can!)

3) Another thing I have noticed is that people here seem to want to be weird?!? I am no exception and was a bit disappointed that I was scored as only 60% weird. I do know of 90% weirdo though who only admitted this in a comment on another blog. He is actually trying to bring this down – what is WRONG with that boy?

Hmm, this leads me to a final thought.

Being truly ‘weird’ in an outcast-on-the-edge-of-society sort of way is not generally seen as being desirable. However, people also seem to aspire not to be considered 100% ‘normal’?

Why is this, do you think?