Alien Technology

Last weekend we visited the MPH06 motor show in London, which was great fun. As Husband has pointed out on his blog, the chassis of a J744444444444+99999999999999999999999999999999 (oops, kitty on the keyboard). Anyhoo, the chassis of an old model of Jaguar (yeah, like I know WHAT model!?!) does indeed look very alien when viewed head on. We were walking around gazing at the shiny cars when this unpainted, unadorned chassis which was hanging from the ceiling caught my eye. I looked at it as it ‘stared’ at me, with the thought that it looked like some fantastical creature or other going through my head (the thought, not the creature – that would be MESSY!!!) I stood there a while with my sole musing being nothing but, "What DOES that remind me of?" (Sorry, I split infinitives in my thought life.) Eventually, it occured to me that the beings I was reminded of by the bulbous headlight ‘eyes’ and the small ‘mouth’ in the middle of the ‘head’ were the criminal family of aliens featured on Dr. Who, who took over the skins of key Britsh political figures.

I reckon that the cry of ‘It looks like a Slytheen!’, accompanied by the speaker pointing at a classic car chassis has not been witnessed at the Earl’s Court motor show ever before.

Nor is it likely to ever again.

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  1. ee and i have just discussed it (from accross our joint office), and we’re pretty sure that isn’t a split infinitive.

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